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Xtremely Tight: Sexy Secretary Naked Tightly Bound in the Dungeon

Diamondly is led into the dungeon fully dressed in a sexy secretary’s outfit. Apparently, she’s unrestrained, but that is about to change soon. Her hands get tied behind her back, and then a rope is put around her neck and connected to the ceiling. The ingenious combination of these two simple pieces of rope makes it impossible for poor Diamondly to walk away or cover herself.
With a brutall pull, her blouse gets torn apart, revealing that she had been bound invisibly when entering the dungeon – her tits are tied with wire so cruelly that they have already turned blue! Her skirt is removed offscreen, and all too soon Diamondly finds herself naked and completely tied with many layers of rope around her lower torso.
In the next scene her neck rope has been removed and she is put into a hogtie which gets stricter by the minute. Before she knows, not only her elbows are tied together and connected to her ankles – she also gets gagged with many layers of rope which are also tied to her elbows, rendering her completely helpless. As if that wasn’t enough, the clips ends with Diamondly getting lifted from the floor into an intense and challenging suspension bondage.

Format: mp4
Duration: 00:28:46
Size: 491.99MB
Resolution: 1920×1080

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