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Subby Hubby: Kiki’s Condom Surprise (POV)

You always wanted to swing with your wife. You have been trying to talk Kiki into it forever. In your head your were going to be able to bang all the chicks! Well your fantasy has come true. The only thing is that Kiki went “swinging” without you. Last night when you thought Kiki was out with friends, she was really getting banged by a huge cock! You will find out all about it when you stop by to say hello to Kiki in her office. She also has a surprise for you! She saved her lover’s cum in the condom they used. The condom is almost completely full! Since you are so pitiful, you would never be able to produce such a load. Watch as Kiki rubs the condom all over her pussy. Watch as Kiki empties the condom into her mouth. Open your mouth and drink her spit and his cum! You deserve this humiliation. You better get used to it!

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