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SEXUAL DISGRACE: Sheena Rose Gets Used for the 3rd Time

My Master ceases to surprise me. This session I woke up on a bare bed, ropes hugging my legs bent, my ponytail and wrists tied to the top of the bed. I tried to getaway but he knows how to keep me bound in place for whatever he desires. No matter how much trash I talk to him, he pushes me down, slaps me around and punishes me with his throbbing cock. The only times I was still is when I was servicing his dick. He threw me all around the bed to do so with such ease. I must admit. I love being manhandled, covered in spit and pussy and mouth sore from so much cock. I wonder if he treats his other sex slaves the same. It seems like he puts me through his disgrace rougher than the rest. I’m not sure if I can endure his pleasures anymore.

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