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SENSUAL PAIN: Sep 29, 2019: All Ass Abby Self Buggery | Abigail Dupree

You Love me!

You have inherited the flavors, certain Heresies of the Flesh. Sexual self pleasure is a deviant behavior, judged and deeply rooted in witchcraft thus darkens man’s nature. Self pleasure is sinful sorcery, even nocturnal emissions are a grave sin if one awoke enough during the event to enjoy it! This creates mystery in manipulating the pure, divine virtue entwining it with painful masturbation, the calling of the Horned God.

Ultimate pleasure at an instant. You feel it in your balls that twitches your cock, that moves your hips and cannot walk. The precise time the slave hurts herself during the act of her self pleasure. More so when she is surprised by the wave of pleasure from the pain, her face echos the realization of suffering for your pleasure. You maybe a bit sadistic, but more here in Schadenfreude or even a smidgen of epicaricacy. For there is a difference when you fancy watching ‘Self Buggery’, you now notice that her lips are very red.

Oh yes, you are quite the libertine who leads an immortal life, top interests in sexual deviants. You ejaculate, spreading further corruption of innocence. Our keen merriment. You masturbate to the pain that you create, helping us to evolve into supreme beings, the one that others hate.

I Love You!

Another transcending intrigue ‘All Ass Abby Self Buggery’ is just that, up close, all ass buggery that was recorded in 4k ultra HD. This anal Goddess is a must see as she entices you with her talented butthole by oiling up that ass with coconut oil, very large insertions, fingering and finally deep probing with the Square Pegs Slink and the amazing Tongutacle from Primal Hardware.

Oh! Do not miss the end when she empties, squeezes the full condom into her used butthole, then pushes white jiz out of her asshole and wiping cum all over her butt!

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Format: MP4
Duration: 42:18 Min
Size: 2168 Mb
Resolution: 1920×1080

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