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Subbyhubby: Paris Trains Her Husband Part 1: Love His Cock (September 12th 2017)

Paris Knight is very unhappy with her husband. He thinks he is this big shot and he can’t even make her cum! He is so pathetic and she is sick of being unsatisfied by his tiny cock and lack of stamina. He is now working on the weekends and spends even LESS time with her. When Austin comes over to assist with repairs, Paris takes an automatic liking to him and it isn’t long before she’s all over his big cock. Just when Paris is thinking of bending herself over the kitchen table to get the fucking she deserves, her annoying husband comes home and ruins all of her plans. Paris decides to force her husband to suck the big cock in front of him and show him what a real man is. She knows her husband craves cock secretly and had a feeling he was a little submissive bitch all along, underneath that big ego. She decides this is the way things are going to be from now on.
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Clubstiletto – Miss Jasmine – Sick Office Dawg Fucks Hot Girl At Office

Jasmine is satisfied with her employee’s effort at worshiping her feet and has decided to give him a 15 cent hourly raise. She sticks a dildo with a cock on each end into his mouth, small end first. He’s going to have to work even harder now to earn the extra money. She says the dildo will help him get used to having cock in his mouth, but more importantly, he needs to understand that the bigger end is for her pussy… that, and the fact that he’s extremely fortunate to be her sex slave. She directs him between her legs and the dildo slides into her hot, wet pussy. She gushes over her upcoming date and how big he is. She tells the slave that her stud’s cum is still inside her and keeping her well lubed. She expects he will fuck her in the car on the way to her place because her pussy is always wet and ready to be fucked. “You are my primer” she tells the office boy, as he carefully moves the dildo in and out in a rhythmic manner. She reminds him that along with the pay increase he’ll also be put into full-time chastity. Peeling off her top, she kneels on a chair so the slave can penetrate her from behind, just the way her boyfriend takes her. She glides the big dick into her tight pussy, and if this isn’t the dream of any slave, we don’t know what is. “I’ll be getting some real dick soon” she tells him. “This is just warm-up dick”. Although not the real thing, you can hear Jasmine really getting off on the dildo and the power she has over her bitch emanates from her. She makes him lie on the ground so she can sit on his face, and more importantly, the dildo. She rides it hard and says she wants to stay there all day but has to get ready for some real cock. When she’s finally satisfied and composed, she says it’s time to send him off to service some of the other women “and probably to suck some dick, too, at which point you might get another 15 cent raise”.
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Clubdom: Forced To Make Her Cum

The slave is bound up with a dildo gag in his mouth. He can’t move much at all, not enough to run away. It’s time for him to learn his place here, and that is to exist fof the pleasure of the women. Mistress Esmi is a young and new Mistress at the compound but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t know how much power she has. She gets into the slave’s face and tells him that he has five minutes to pleasure her friend, Mistress Cadie, or else she is going to cane him until he is a mess. She forces him into her pussy. Goddess Cadie instructs him on how to fuck her while Esmi shoves his pathetic face in and out. He doesn’t have much time left and has to make her cum. he is just a living, breathing tool for their pleasure now.
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Anastasia Pierce – Warcraft

Jaina Proudmoore the most powerful human sorceress on Azeroth She has been captured and is held captive by Succubus. Succubus is a female Demon that has taken the form of a curvy amazon woman in order to seduce her captive through sexual activities.
in Part 3: Jaina has gained back control and is about to take over Succubus body and soul! It’s her turn to endure what she did to Jaina. Pure lust and Sin, Jaina turns out to be much more vindictive than expected..

The Carnal Quest Continues!!!!
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Club Dom: Pussy For Dinner Part 3: Decadent Dessert

Inga Victoria has been using this slave for her pleasure despite him being starving and worked hard at her house for 3 days doing yard work He now must work very hard…fucking her until she is good and satisfied. Normally she keeps him in chastity but she hasn’t lately as he is now afraid to even get a hard-on unless she commands it. Now he has full permission to be inside of her. Such a thrill fucking such a powerful woman and feeling her body. After she is done, she commands him to cum on her tits….and lick it ALL off. A moment later, She is eating a very large plate of food, but she will not share. He had his chance earlier and he had chose her pussy over food. Now he gets nothing but his own filth.
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Club Dom: Michelle & Tangent Fucking Machine Chindo/Whipped, Fucked and Forced

Mistress Michelle Lacy and Goddess Tangent have the slave strapped down and forced to give their visiting friend Mistress Natasha pleasure with a dildo gag. They decide to torture him by having a fucking machine going and going into his ass, faster and harder they turn up the dial. They whip him and yell at him to fuck her harder while they laugh at his hilariously painful and unfortunate situation. He thinks its over, but they just keep turning up the dial on the fucking machine, and go back to whipping him harder and harder.
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Apr 24, 2013 – Pussy Slide Milking

Format: MP4
Duration: 11 minutes
Size: 328.33 MB
Resolution: 1280×720

At The English Mansion sex slaves are well-used. They are trained to give their over-sexed Mistress’s 50 orgasms to their 1. This slave reaches his quota after servicing Mistress Sidonia & I. We use his mouth & cock for our pleasure. In the end the slave is milked by my hot, wet pussy sliding over his horny cock…
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Format: WMV
Duration: 26:07 Min Video
Size: 122.03 MB
Resolution: 1280×720

Little Casey Calvert is new to the porn industry. She started out doing bondage modeling. Soon after, she made the jump to full boy/girl porn and hasn’t looked back. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that someone this beautiful and hot is a raging bondage slut.

This is the Meet and Greet with Casey. We do all the tying on screen and all the action happens in “real time”. We do edit it but, the scene is a flowing ad lib work of art that transpires before your eyes. From fully dressed to sexually destroyed, and you feel part of the action as you watch it play out in real time.

We make Casey put on her own gag, a huge ring. Then we make her blindfold herself. Before she realizes what is happening she is severely bound elbows touching, on her knees, and being throat fucked. She is completely helpless. The gag hold her mouth wide open, as the cock slides to the back of her throat and beyond.

The skull fucking is intense, poor little Casey has never had her skull fucked so hard and rough. We turn her throat into a pussy as the cock shows no mercy. Casey struggles, the hard cock punishing her tight throat. Casey finds her self loopy, disorientated as the cock robs her of her need air. Soon Casey is a drooling, eyes crossed and out of focus suck slut.

We pick Casey up off the floor and bend her over a padded stool. With her head up side down, the cock easily slides deeper down her throat. Huge globs of deep throat spit are now covering her entire face. Casey can do nothing at all but open her mouth for the skull fucking of a lifetime. We quickly move to the other side and the cock slides balls deep into her wet pussy, within seconds her first orgasm rips apart the last of her sanity, and now sweet innocent little Casey is a sex slave, we can make her do anything we want, her will has been broken and we own her sexual soul.

We never let up, we fuck her pussy, she cums, we move around and fuck her throat, she flashes, we fuck her pussy again, over and over, until liquid is dripping out of every hole and she is staring blankly into nothingness as the cock own hers. She is in sexual survivor cum mode, just a moaning and orgasming whore.

We tighten up the bondage and Casey find herself immobilized in a back arching tie from hell. The vibrator is pulled out and applied. Casey is transformed into a screaming cumming banshee, as we rip orgasm after orgasm out of her taunt tight helpless body. In the end Casey breath is labored, she is covered in her own spit and drool, her body still twitching involuntarily from the sexual overload we dropped upon her. She will recover, but we own her sexual soul, it is ours to do with what we please, when we please…
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Mar 6, 2013 | Alisha Adams | Matt Williams

Format: MP4
Duration: 26:07 Min Video
Size: 892 Mb
Resolution: 1280×720

Alisha Adams is back and she is going to get fucked up in a good way! This typical girl next door has a dirty side: she loves bondage, she loves sex. A perfect combination for the best bondage and rough sex site on the ‘net.

We found out from our previous scenes with Alisha that after she cums once, she wants to be done. Her clit gets overly sensitive and she squirms so much you can’t vibrate her, she will have none of it. Well, we fixed that little problem, and now Alisha is going to suffer massive orgasm overload and there is nothing she can do to prevent it, not a thing.

Alisha is now stuck, with no hope to wiggle or to move off of the world’s most powerful vibrator. Impaled with a dildo up her wet pussy, a dildo that is slowly rotating against her ‘G” spot to enhance the hell she is about to endure. Her knees don’t even touch the ground so there is no way she can shift her weight away from the vibration, not even for a second. When this machine makes Alisha cum for the first time she is going to experience what being helpless really means.

We turn on the Sybian and the look of shock on Alisha’s face is priceless. The look of realization that there is nothing she can do to stop it from making her cum.

It is so strong it will overcome her defenses quickly, and she is scared to death of coming that first time, because she knows how sensitive she gets and she is dreading it.

We tease her at first, making it even worse. She goes from not wanting to cum, to begging to cum. Bound sluts are so easy sometimes, especially when a hard cock is fucking the back of their throats while being vibrated. It seems the struggle for air makes girls come faster and harder.

Alisha’s first orgasm hits hard. The cock is buried all the way down her throat when she cums. She screams but the cock muffles it down to a guttural, primeval grunt. Alisha convulses and gets blasted off the cock in one massive orgasm! This is the point that Alisha would be so violent she could move the vibrator off of her clit. Not this time, and the screams that follow are stunning. She fights with everything she has but the vibrator doesn’t care, it’s a machine and a machine does not understand the concepts of mercy or compassion. Her mind is being shredded, the vibration won’t stop and another orgasms hits. She is not ready for it, and then another and then another. Alisha has never experienced anything like this before and we feel so bad that we jam our cock harder and deeper down her tiny throat. Now Alisha is simply overloaded, it is too much but we don’t let up and her cumming continues.

We give her a small break the add clamps to her nipples and pull her down even harder on the vibrator. We add a zipper and turn up the Sybian to full blast. The orgasm overwhelms her in seconds, we rip the zipper from her body and she doesn’t even flinch, the orgasms have destroyed her mind and she is just a cumming machine, mindlessly drooling, grunting, struggling and cumming…..
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