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SENSUAL PAIN: Dec 9, 2019: Delicate Spread | Abigail Dupree | Master James

The controlled acts of S & M take on many forms and flavors that teeter on the edge of psychotic tenancies, some… Most will never understand. Sexual Sadomasochism is demented and crazed with purpose to satisfy deviant cravings, makes you feel alive and naughty.

The Master⁄slave dynamic is sybiotic
Here at the Sensual Pain Studio, Master James is busy constantly testing these waters with his slave Abigail Dupree. The consensual abuse, a type of DEBRISx lifestyle is there for everyone to see. He likes sadistically torturing his slave and because he likes it, this triggers masocististic tendancies in his slave, by this she loves her Master’s torture.

Limits and Boundaries in the consensual BDSM Lifestyle. Respecting these foundational building blocks is crucial to what it is all about. Without these rules, it isn’t BDSM

Is Kink BDSM a consensual psychosis?
Psychosis is clinically defined as a severe mental disorder in which thought and emotions are so impaired that contact is lost with external reality.

The DSM-V’s Stance
DSM-IV listed the behavior of sexual masochism as a disorder. The new version DSM-V, however, is largely silent on behavior, and defines fetishes as problematic only when they cause significant distress. Thus, masochistic behavior is now termed sexual masochism disorder only when the behavior causes problems for the individual. DSM = (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual) of Mental Disorders

When Is a Kink a Problem?
So when does a sexual kink cross the line into a disorder diagnosis? Some sexual behavior is inherently disordered, according to the new manual. For example, pedophilia remains a diagnosis because it’s impossible to act on a sexual attraction to children without breaking the law or causing harm to others. But for those who are blissfully dedicated to feet, bondage, or garter belts, the manual no longer defines the behavior itself as a problem. Instead, the so-called disorder is partially in the eye of the beholder. If your sexual fetish causes serious problems in your romantic relationships or significant personal distress, it may be time to consult a professional. Otherwise, the creators of the DSM-V are content to allow people to engage in whatever sexual behavior they want to without finding issue.
-Goodtherapy Blog

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