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Restrainedelegance: The Underground Part Four

Awesome bdsm video

Description: After their failed escape attempt, Natalia and Amelia realise that there is no hope for them- no SWAT team is coming to their rescue. From this moment forth, they are condemned to a life of sexual submission and slavery! They WILL be broken to their new lives!

Mistress Zoe decides that attacking Natalia’s self-reliance is the key to making her submit for real. Undermining her- training her as a Pony, playing on her liking for training and orders that were part of the reason she worked for the NMF in the first place! Praise and punishment, taking away her volition, making her WANT to please her mistress….

Format: MP4
Duration: 43 Min
Size: 1420 Mb
Resolution: 1920×1080


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