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Princess Cherry: Pindick Loser Hahaha

Another day, another opportunity to worship Prrincess! The best part of your day… the only excitement you really have. It must be hard to have fun, especially sexual pleasure. I mean you’re such a loser. A pindick loser to be precise. Does it even get that hard? That tiny little thing haha. Must be so humiliating. SO embarrassing!! No sexual fun, only sexual frustration! Haha I bet I do that to you huh… make you wish you could get with a hot girl like Me. but that’s about as far as it goes, is a dream!! Must be SO frustrating. You could NEVER get with a hot brat like Me, because you do not deserve a pussy, you do not deserve a woman. you’re just a sad pindick loser! But honestly, it’s okay. I know just what to do with a pindick loser. I have the perfect spot in this world for you. Right in your place, embracing the fact that youre a sexually fustrated, hand fucking, goon addict! Nothing more, just a little tiny loser! I mean I bet it’s not larger than My pinky toe! Haha. Must be so hard to stroke, I bet you only need two fingers while jerking! I mean… what a loser… But like I said.. Don’t worry! You’re exactly how you should be. Don’t ever change. Not that you have a chance hahaha.. But really, you’ll forever be My weak, weak gooning pin dick loser simp! And you love it! You love worshiping this hot body. These sexy curves.. Being humiliated by Me is such a fucking privledge. A privilege you crave and need. Knowing damn well you’ll stay sexually frustrated, pussy free like a pindick loser that you’re, forever!

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