Perfect Slave – Lyla Storm – A Perfect Storm

Xmas came a couple days early for us when Lyla walked through the door.We were pumped to have her and she seemed eager to demonstrate her talents so we wasted no time…Standing before us, Lyla got down to business quickly removing her clothes and displaying her body, taking time to let us ponder her succulent ass. By this point, we were ready to lunge…We collared and gagged her, tying her neck off to a wooden beam. Lyla clearly was in a state of bewilderment, struggling mightily despite the fact that she had nowhere to go. Her spirit and will was strong, but we live by one motto: “Spirits are made to be broken”…Once we got her upright, we restrained her to the beam, a masterful crotch rope finished off with heavy weights for the crowning touch. For added measure, a blindfold was applied…Lyla was assured at this point that without any doubt…she was ours…We then rolled in the vibe and pushed it into place. A perfect sequence of events culminating in the perfect ending…Happiest of Holidays to all our loyal friends!

Download file – 198.7 MB

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