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Perfect Slave – Lyla Storm – A Perfect Storm

Xmas came a couple days early for us when Lyla walked through the door.We were pumped to have her and she seemed eager to demonstrate her talents so we wasted no time…Standing before us, Lyla got down to business quickly removing her clothes and displaying her body, taking time to let us ponder her succulent ass. By this point, we were ready to lunge…We collared and gagged her, tying her neck off to a wooden beam. Lyla clearly was in a state of bewilderment, struggling mightily despite the fact that she had nowhere to go. Her spirit and will was strong, but we live by one motto: “Spirits are made to be broken”…Once we got her upright, we restrained her to the beam, a masterful crotch rope finished off with heavy weights for the crowning touch. For added measure, a blindfold was applied…Lyla was assured at this point that without any doubt…she was ours…We then rolled in the vibe and pushed it into place. A perfect sequence of events culminating in the perfect ending…Happiest of Holidays to all our loyal friends!
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Perfect Slave – Roped in Rubber – Sandy Skarsgard

Sandy Skarsgard (aka Rubber Necro) makes her way to Perfect Slave this week. First she gives us a little taste as she rubs herself down before she rubs one out…Then, we put her in nice bind…she’s going nowhere, this is evident and we watch her flail helplessly. For the encore, we wrap her little hands tightly and she shall soon admit defeat, the vibe between her spread legs purrs and pulses and Sandy belongs to us.
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Perfect Slave – Wet and Wide – Lizzy London

Lizzy’s got a body to die for. Her natural, full breasts are just one of her many assets. She strips for us, she spreads her legs and she plants a finger in her pussy…She seems eager, and we definitely are, so it’s time to put her through the paces. We bind those heavy breasts and chain her to the wall where Lizzy puts up quite the struggle…We’re far from done however and now we’re going to take this busty damsel to the edge…Spread wide, she knows somethings gotta give and she nervously glances around unsure of what may come next…She whimpers nervously when the pussy stretcher appears, and she whimpers even moreso when it’s pinned in place…We smash a pole mounted wand against her readily exposed clit…Lizzy fights the tide that is obviously welling up inside her, but we show no letting up. Finally, submission rears it’s head and Lizzy’s liquids flow as she cums for us.
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Perfect Slave – First the Struggle, Then comes Freedom – Mikayla Hendrix

We bind Mikayla tightly between two beams and she puts up quite the struggle. It’s a beautiful sight to watch and hear her conflict. We allow her to wear herself down so she’s ripe and ready…Next, we restarin her to the arch, we get a vision of her lovely curves, her bodyline flows…We press the vibe snugly against her swollen snatch and let her find freedom by way of the orgasm.
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Perfect Slave – Welcome Athena – Athena Angel

It’s time for Athena’s Perfect Slave debut…And we take a little time getting to know her. Seems she is a bit of a bondage rookie of sorts. But, we don’t mind… she’ll be whistling a different tune by the time we’re finished with her…We rope her arms behind her back and watch her writhe…She has an amazing body. Perfectly proportioned and she has beautiful tits…Next we neck rope her to the throne and Athena’s next sensation is that of the vibe pressed against her clit. Her pussy gets super moist as she grinds her pelvis against the vibrator head…Grinding hard it appears as if , at times, her swollen pussy swallows the vibe. And she doesn’t let up.
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Perfect Slave – Wide & High – Mikayla Hendrix

Mikayla’s slowly making the rounds on the DungeonCorp sites, but she’s quickly becoming a fan favorite. It’s no wonder really…She’s got a beautiful body and an amazing pussy…She was new to bondage in general when we first met and we’ll turn her out a little better learned…First, we bind her tightly and we get a chance to see her reactions in a predicament. It was obvious that she was nervous, as her eyes darted around the room nervously… Next, we spread her wide and high and Mikayla definitely knew the jig was up as her struggle became quite a bit more frantic. Finally, we got her lubed and ready for the vibe, but I don’t think anything could have prepared her, or us, for what was about to unfold.
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Perfect Slave – The Tipping Point – Reena Sky

Reena’s one of our absolute favorites around here at DungeonCorp, we can never get enough of her. We watch her pose and get a good preview of what’s to come. Reena then puts on quite the show as she spreads her legs and begins to play with herself, we get a birdseye view of her wares and we’re good to go…First, we tie her hands overhead and watch her put up a good struggle…albeit a futile one…Next, we spread her in the chair… her head immobile, we’re all aware that she’s going absolutely nowhere…We’ve put Ms Sky through the paces already, but the session is still not complete…Out comes the vibe and on goes the show as we send beautiful Reena towards the tipping point.
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Perfect Slave – Captive Audience – Tegan Summers

Tegan certainly must feel a bit claustrophobic in the cage. Her restlessness, she realizes is a waste of effort. She is going nowhere and will be left to our devices. She then finds herself arched and bound and this new predicament sets off another energy rushтАжShe struggles and writhes in anticipation of what shall follow. We rig her to the milker and set the machine in motion. The sounds of Tegan’s whimpers as they interweave with the noise of industry are simply captivating. We then release her and leave her to wonder what else possibly awaits.
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Perfect Slave – Splayed – Emily Marilyn

We watch Emily’s struggle, her legs are tied, bound hands behind her back, laid out on the couch with nowhere to run…We then position her on the sofa. Her legs are splayed wide open, her mouth taped…Ogre positions the vibrator between her legs and Emily begins to moan…Her moans turn quickly to muffled shrieks as we push her to the edge of orgasm and beyond.
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Perfect Slave – High & Tight – Page

Precious Page looks amazing as we bind her wrists and wath her writhe and struggle. She’s a fine woman and we definitely enjoy taking all we can from her, both physically and emotionally. We continue to watch her will fade as she struggles and then we bind her high up on the Iron Throne. Next, we press the wand up against her tight little pussy and all systems are a go. High and tight takes on a brand new dimension here as Page thrashes wildly, all the time knowing that her true escape shall come via submission.
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Perfect Slave – Caged Emotions – Alyssa Branch

What a little baby doll. Amazing actually…This blonde, little Alyssa was definitely born to break some hearts. Her natural little body is a monument to evolution, and one of which that we must partake…Alyssa shows us her wares, very nice…She poses coyly and takes a drag or two from her cigarette, as we watch the tip of her smoke glow red, our hearts begin to melt…We come to the conclusion that it would simply pain us too much to see Alyssa leave…The solution is simple…We place her in the cage, Alyssa shall not be going anywhere, anytime soon. The purr of the vibrator fills the room. Soon to be followed by moans of submission.
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Perfect Slave – Succumb – Giselle Leon

Giselle’s a little new to the scene, but we’re going to wrangle her in. I’m fairly positive that she is filled with trepidation, not knowing quite what to expect. She finds herself ties to the leather bench as we bury the vibe in her crotch. We rendered her motionless and in this state she quickly realizes that struggle is futile. We’ve got this luscious brunette damsel right where we want her. Knowing this, Giselle has no choice but to succumb.
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Perfect Slave – Bit Gagged Beauty – Emily Marilyn

Emily sure is a fan favorite around here, and we like her too, so it only makes sense to have her back as often as we possibly can. Ogre makes sure that she is secured in place…she’s not going anywhere. Then, the vibe is dragged out and thrust upon her pussy. Emily’s amazing body is a beauty to behold as she gyrates…Her perfect tits heave, her lovely torso so tightly bound that she can only accept what we’re handing her…Her moans of pleasure increase in pitch as she carries on towards a drooling orgasm…
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Perfect Slave – Bound & Busty – Jenna Presley

Lovely Jenna is bound to the bedpost and we take a moment or two to gaze upon the beauty before us. She certainly has an amazing body and we’re going to put it to useтАжHer whimpers as she struggles are extremely arousing, and her heavy bound breasts are a mouth watering sightтАжWe then tie her down to the bed and spread her open and Jenna’s whimpers get even louder as we press the vibe against her sweet cunt. This is one beautiful woman and watching her orgasm is a memorable experience.
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Perfect Slave – Mahina’s Orgasmic Journey – Mahina Zaltana

Mahina’s been on all the DungeonCorp sites, and it was just a matter of time before she made her Perfect Slave debut. About time I say…Mahina is an exotic beauty… I describe her as sort of “Cleopatra-ish”. I don’t know if Cleopatra had a body like this though. And if she did, I can understand why everyone wanted to be around her…Back to Mahina, she’s got one amazing ass, a really nice set of tits, and everything else flows perfectly…We take this exotic beauty, and bind her hands overhead, we spread her legs with the bar and go about our business…Our business being watching fine assed chicks struggle and cum…Mahina certainly did not disappoint. After we watched her writhe a bit, we fired up the magic wand and Mahina’s bellows echoed off the Dungeon walls as she set off on her orgasmic journey.
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Perfect Slave – Onwards To Oblivion – Caddy Compson

In case you weren’t aware of it, Caddy has become the unofficial DungeonCorp mascot of sorts. She always gives us her all and we’re glad to take it, this day being no exception…As a matter of fact, today we’re going to take a little bit more…She finds herself blindfolded and bound in the chair, we watch her every move as she struggles confusedly, her fumbling to gain her bearing tantalizes…We then strip her bare and place her back in the chair and now we tantalize her…We tease her clit with a pole mounted vibe, at times it seems as if it will almost be too much for her to handle…We decide to give her what she needs and we push her on to orgasmic oblivion.
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Perfect Slave – Utter Containment – Elena Heiress

Elena’s break-in session here at DungeonCorp continues…This time we take our time and bind this beautiful Latina babe to a surgical steel table. Elena, once again seems nervous…Does she have a reason to be? All we want is to see her contained orgasms and we shall get what we desire…Tightly bound, Elena attempts to resist. Her attempts are merely an excercise in frustration.
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Perfect Slave – Worth The Wait – April O’Neil

Ooh, I’m glad to see that April’s back. Such a fine young thing. Her body is impeccable and her tits are mind boggling. It’s been awhile since we’ve seen her around these parts and the anticipation was killing us. We get a nice glimpse of her as she poses for the camera. We want more though…She slowly undresses and tantalizes us and we want even more…We tie her hands, arms and legs down. We gag her. We press the vibe to her pelvis and then we watch. This was definitely worth the wait.
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Perfect Slave – Helping Hands – Nicki Blue

Ms. Blue finds herself tied to the bench. She creams and moans as the vibe purrs between her legs…Despite her struggles, it is glaringly obvious that she is enjoying this experience. We watch her grind her pussy down and her hips gyrate as she cums…Ms. Nefarious enters the scene and offers Nicki a helping hand…She clothes-pins Nicki’s pouty nipples and the tension builds…Nicki screams as the pins are quickly yanked from her breasts…And then she is left to her own devices.
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Perfect Slave – The Comfort of Strangers – Cassandra Cruz

We’ve definitely enjoyed having Cassandra around. I’m not sure if she can quite say the same…Maybe she feels like a stranger in an even stranger land, but we sure do like the time we’ve had together….With her hands up high we’ve bound this Latina beauty to a wooden column and got the vibe in place…We’ve gagged her too, but that doesn’t quite contain the sheer volume of moans as we push her to an altered frame of mind.
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Perfect Slave – The Admirer – Celeste Star

It seems that somebody has been keeping and eye on lovely Celeste. She comes home and finds a letter from her “admirer” place upon her bed…The words she reads command her to undress and restrain herself to the bed…Unsure, Celeste complies. The admirer appears and Celeste’s pulse begins to race. She offers all she has but is it what he wants?
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Perfect Slave – You Shall Be Mine – Elena Heiress

This week we give you Elena Heiress, what a dame…Seems she’s kind of new to this. Not only is this the first time she’s been bound like this but, she’s a newbie to the vibes in general. This should be fun…It’s interesting to watch her reactions in this situation as she does not know quite what to expect. And Ogre takes his time with detailed precision which may help ease her mind, or send it racing in a million different directions! We start her off a bit slow and Elena giggles nervously at first…Come climax time though, she’s doing anything but laughing.
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Perfect Slave – Busty, Bound & Upside Down – Ariella Ferrera

Ariella has some extremely massive tits. We’ve decided that they shall best serve us bound tightly…Ariella on the other hand, may not exactly see things our way…Nevertheless, we take this buxom brunette and invert her from the rafters with the vibe pressed up against her moist clit… We coldly calculate exactly how we want this to be…She screams, she begs, she cums..
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Perfect Slave – Pussy Problems – Bailey Brooks

Bailey seems to be having some issues… Some pussy problems to be exact…We have devised a treatment for her to ail her woes… Up on the exam table she goes and we open her wide so that we may “examine” the situation. Every appears fine from this angle so maybe she just needs a little mental adjustment? We rig the vibe up against her smooth little pussy…Bailey begins to buck wildly…Her orgasm is intense as she erupts.
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Perfect Slave – Our Favorite Flavor – Cherry Torn

Perfect Slave - Our Favorite Flavor - Cherry Torn

I can never see enough of Cherry…Her lovely body, amazing breasts, just everything about her…I take particular joy in seeing her struggle and today is no exception…We have her bound tightly to the cross and Cherry takes awhile to come to terms with her situation. The pole mounted vibe reminds her of her role however… Cherry is ours today and she will cum…
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Perfect Slave – Collared on The Cube – Taylor Russo

Perfect Slave - Collared on The Cube - Taylor Russo

Collared tightly, Taylor struggles… Knees down on the wooden cube, there is no way she shall wiggle free… Between her legs we have rigged a vibe and when we turn it on the struggling intensifies. Slowly, Taylor submits as she realizes that all else is futile. She sets herself free and the end result is a juice spattering orgasm..
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Perfect Slave – Strange Sensations – Ashley Winters

Perfect Slave - Strange Sensations - Ashley Winters

Bound in red rope, buxom blonde Ashley seems to be just a bit at odds with her predicament… Meanwhile, Ogre pays attention to every detail as he continues to rope this dame and bind her hefty tits…Left to her own devices, we see Ashely slowly submit. Her body sways as the magic wand shows her the orgasmic light…
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Perfect Slave – Glamour Girl Gagged – Emily Addison

Perfect Slave - Glamour Girl Gagged - Emily Addison
Emily Addison

Maybe it’s the eyes. Maybe it’s the perfect body, including that perfect set of tits. Whatever it is, just looking at Emily gives me pains of longing that I can’t quite describe. Every day you see beautiful women and then, every so often, one like this comes along and warps your perception… I was eager to see this shoot and it didn’t disappoint at all. Emily first poses and we get some really nice shots of her and that body. Really, it is incredible. She displays for us all the goods and let me tell you – they are mind boggling. With pent up tensions, we then take it to another level. It’s time to see Ms. Addison squirm and believe me, it will only leave us all wanting more.
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Perfect Slave – Vanquished – Celeste Star

Perfect Slave - Vanquished - Celeste Star
Celeste Star

Seeing Celeste in this situation is extremely tantalizing…She is such a beauty… We’ve spread her wide and tied her tightly…she has no wiggle room. The only sounds you will hear are the sound of the vibe and Ms. Star’s whimpers of submission fueled ecstasy. Her orgasms are as arousing as they are tremendous. Yet, the more she gets the more she wants. She is amazing…
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