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Pastel Goddess: Too Focused On Gaming to Let You Breathe

Just a solo clip of me playing Fire Emblem Three Houses. It’s one of my favorite games at the moment. I’d never really had a chance to get into the series before, but it really sucks you in with its immersive gameplay, emphasis on strategy and the elaborate bonds you can form with students at the Monastery. Overall, I– Oh, what? What am I sitting on, you ask? Hm, that’s a strange question. Nothing out of the ordinary, I can assure you! My seat kind of wiggles around and makes whimpering sounds sometimes but it’s nothing to be alarmed about. It’s just my preferred gaming setup.

Anyway, back to Fire Emblem: At first it took awhile for the story to really take off, and it was kind of overwhelming in the first few chapters with constant tutorials and a sensory overload of information to take in, but once I got the hang of– Sorry, you were wondering about that tiny appendage flopping around on my seat? I’m not too sure what that is, honestly. I usually keep it locked up because I do agree that it is an eyesore. I don’t think seats are normally made with them so I guess it’s just defective.

And yeah, I guess I will just address the elephant in the room. Giving my seat enough air just kinda slipped my mind and it ends up lying limp by the end of the clip when I finish the chapter I was on. Don’t worry, it’s probably for the best. It’s definitely way more concerning to see a chair moving about than to see one lying still. Its just something that happens when I play games!

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