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Miami Mean Girls: Step Brother Intervention

They order him to strip him down and then make him kneel in front of his step sister with his legs spread- and her hot friend Rodea is sitting directly behind him. It is sooo embarrassing but the worst is yet to come. They take turns slapping his balls over and over with their feet- from the front AND the back, over and over. (Laughing at him the whole time!) Each kick is to remind him that he is sperm cells by smoking . (Just like the kicks are his sperm cells!) Both girls laugh at him and remind him that he HAS to let do whatever they say or Bella will tell their parentts on him! so he kneels their and takes theit foot-slaps to his balls and endures their mocking laughter…

Format: MP4
Duration: 13 Min
Resolution: 1920×1080

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