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MeanWorld / MeanAmazonBitches: Alycia Starr 1

Alycia’s daughter goes to the same school as Jason’s son. She has been beating him up every day and taking his lunch money. Jason asks Alycia to help deal with the problem.. Alycia says she doesnt see that there’s a problem. Its just nature taking its course. His kid is a wimp so he’s getting what he deserves. She tells Jason that this what happens when a wimp like him has a kid.. the strong will always take from the weak. She demonstrates by shoving him on the ground and ordering him to kiss her feet. He tries to stand up for himself but she’s right… he’s a beta male who will always obey the orders of a Superior. She shoves her GIANT 47 inch ass in his face and he knows his place: beneath her!
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