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Madame Sloan starring in video ‘Tim To Become Tiffany’ of ‘DominaPlanet’ studio

Listing Description:Madame Sloan’s boyfriend used to be a lot more manly when She met him, they worked out together, went hiking, waterskiing, etc. but over the past year he’s become a couch potato, getting stoned all day and watching TV. Since Covid, he lost his apartment and moved in with Her, but hasn’t worked or done much of anything since then and has been content to just goof off, make a mess and spend Her money while She works two jobs.

So She’s become fed up and overpowered him when he wasn’t expecting it, and has enslaved him and started training him to become Her sweet, submissive baby girl whore named Tiffany, that sucks cock, takes it up the ass, eats pussy, drinks piss, just about anything will go as far as Tiffany’s former girlfriend, and now Pimptress, Madame Sloan is concerned.

She has sissy Tiffany in bondage, with a latex hood and clad in a pink, frilly baby dress, ruffled panties and a baby bonnet. She is strung out across the bed, face down, so for Her first lesson:

“Well Tim, things are gonna change around here….you might have noticed that they already have? You’re wearing a baby dress and you’re helplessly tied across the bed. Well, guess what? Your name isn’t gonna be ‘Tim’ anymore. Now, it’s ‘Tiffany’. You’re gonna suck cock and take it up your sissy pussy. NOW SAY IT!”

She starts smacking the sissy bitch on her exposed, lilly white ass, back and forth, red marks start to appear. But he won’t say it. She smacks him again and again, but still he refuses to say his name is Tiffany. She then takes out a bamboo paddle and starts really laying into him, smacking each cheek hard. Red welts start to appear as he shrieks and squirms around to avoid the punishment raining down on him:

“Say you want cum and cock, say I’m a nasty little baby slut cum dumpster. NOW FUCKING SAY IT!”


She keeps up the paddling, his ass starts to turn purple and he starts really screaming loudly, the pain obviously overwhelming as he (she) kicks her legs futilely, unable to stop the agony raining on down from below. She keeps uppping the ante with the bitch:

“Say you want to suck big, black cocks and have them nut in your face! Say you want to be gangbanged! But from now on you MUST USE A LITTLE GIRL’S VOICE”

“Yes Step-Mommie”

She squeals uselessly as her ass is now a mess of red and purple welts, she is sobbing into the bed softly after the blows finally cease. Madame Sloan rises up off of her and tells Her what’s next:

“Now that I’ve reddened yours, you need to learn how to properly appreciate and serve the superior Female ass. I’m gonna sit on your face and you’re gonna lick my asshole.”

“What? Your ass? No, please Madame, that’s gross!”


She snarls, and smacks him 5 times VERY hard.

“You will BEG to lick my ass, bitch!”

Which he does, as SHe sits down firmly on his face with Her bare ass, smothering his cries.

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