Luna Lain: Toilet Slave

With Luna Lain!

your Goddess walks in and taunts you about your next meal. Don’t beg to leave in my dirty shoes instead of the toilet. you are worthless to me except as a toilet slave.

It was fun coming home with my date and fucking over the toilet. When my boyfriend creampied me, you were covered in cum and begging for release. you have no value or worth but I will not be foot crushing you because you are my entertainment. your whining and suffering makes me laugh.

Time for my dirty shoe cleaning. Lick my wiggling toes clean. My purple toenails need to be sparkling.

Hope you are hungry as I pull down my daisy dukes and sit on the toilet Get a closeup shot of my pussy as it pulses contracts (No pee is shown). Toilet paper wipes my pussy lips.

Coming back later, I humiliate you like the loser you are. It’s time for your foot cleaning session. Get the dirt off my wrinkled soles. These dirty feet need your tongue.

Spitting on you and mocking your jealousy over my cuckolding is cruel fun. He and I will fulfill the rest of your life with our asses in your face. Asshole worship while I give your last meal and walk out, leaving you in your porcelain cage.

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Addie Juniper in Where You Belong

Girlfriend Toilet Experiment – Luna Lain

Addie Juniper in Where You Belong Girlfriend Toilet Experiment – Luna Lain

This was a custom and if you would like your own, please email me!

Keywords: giantess, toilet humiliation, femdom, femdom pov, sensual domination, female supremacy, verbal humiliation, brat girls, shoe fetish, foot domination, foot humiliation, foot worship, foot slave training, dehumanization, luna lain.

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