Jun 24, 2013 – Cruel Mother In Law Holly Halston Part 1

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Duration: 00:06:29
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Holly Halston has teamed up with her daughter Vanessa to make sure her husband Alex stays subby while she is out of town for the weekend. Holly arrives at her son in laws house and he immediately greets her by getting on his knees in front of her. Alex knows he is to serve Vanessa’s mother while she is gone. Holly is furious Alexi is not wearing his collar. Alexis pleads to his mother in law that he is sorry and it will not happen again. This just makes Holly more upset and she lets him know while Vanessa is gone she will not be mother in law she will be mommy. Holly orders Alexis to put on his collar. Alexis refers to her as mommy as he agrees to what she says. Holly makes sure her son in law is wearing his chastity as she dangles the key in front of him. Holly decides to make a deal with Alex. Holly lets him know she will let him out of chastity if he does exactly what she says all weekend. Alexis agrees to do what ever his mommy tells him. Holly’s first task is for her son in law to worship and clean her ass. Holly hikes up her dress and shows him her perfect ass. Holly bends over and forces her son in laws head into her ass. Holly demands he gets his tongue deep in her asshole and clean every inch. Holly loves when her ass gets properly worshiped so she makes sure he cleans her ass with passion. Once holly has her ass thoroughly worshiped she makes her slave sit in front of her and get ready for his next task.

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