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Humiliation POV: Sexy Femme Fatale Assassin

Mandy Flores

I see you’re interested in our services, are you familiar with what our girls offer at the Femme Fatale Agency? Good. Oh I see you’re obsessed with being taken out by a sexy femme fatale. So you’re sure you want to live out your ultimate fantasy? You want to be shot [email protected] by a sexy female assassin? Well, I will be the one carrying out your fantasy e.x.e.cution.. And I started this business because I absolutely love it! I love k.!.11!ing men like you. I’m very selective in my clientele but I can already tell that I’m going to enjoy k.!.!!.!ng you. I can’t wait to see the life draining from your eyes and knowing I was the cause. It’s quite a rush for me. So would you like to d.!.3.. by my hand?

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