Humiliation POV Princess Kaylynn: I Will Fuck You Over And You Will Beg Me To Take More

Princess Kaylynn

You can never say no to me. I get everything I want. You know it’s true. You’re addicted. I’m so fucking sexy and I mindfuck you like no one ever has. You love my charm and my intense beauty. You’re so fucking hooked on me. You’re wrapped around my little finger. You sacrifice everything for my sexy ass that you’ll never get near. You just worship my ass, it has you trapped, right where I want you.

I am a true Goddess, so far above the rest. A true God who gets everything she desires. I am God and you are my slave, put here to do everything I demand. I’m absolutely perfect in every way. My body controls you, my ass manipulates your loser brain. And there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. Everything you have belongs to me, I will take every last dime you have and you will beg me to ruin you.

I will take your whole paycheck. I know that thought turns you on. All you can do when you see me is stroke and pay. And you just hope that I will take it from you. And after I do I’m going to completely deny you because that’s what you deserve, to be drained and denied. I will fuck you over loser. And you will thank me for taking your stupid cash.

You live for me, you want nothing else. You know the only way you can satisfy me is with your cash. You serve no other purpose. So you stroke and beg to pay me. You beg me for my attention with your wallet. You know I’d never pay attention to you any other way, not even for a second. I am perfect and you are worthless. Really. I know you think I’m perfect. That’s why you can’t stop draining your cash into my account. All of it. Give it all to my sexy ass. You are such a total loser.

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