Humiliation POV Princess Hellen Roxx: Seduced And Manipulated Into Blackmail (September 7th 2017)

Princess Hellen Roxx

I’ve got a little something for you. Do you wanna see? Watch me dance in this sexy lingerie. I’m going to seduce you with my perfect young body. You won’t be able to look away as I shake my sexy ass for you. You will be hopelessly captivated. You’ll find yourself becoming obsessed with me. Your cock will get so hard. And that’s how I want you, hard and horny. I know how stupid you get when you’re like that, how easy it is to manipulate you when you’re horny. I know exactly how to wrap you around my little finger.

Ok that’s enough teasing for you. I’ll bet I know what you want now. And I also know that you’ll do anything I say now. Now that I’ve got you so turned on. You’re hanging on to my every word, just hoping I’ll tease you a bit more. Well do you know what I want if you want more? I want you to send me a little message with your name and your phone number and your address and any other personal information that you think I might want. Did that make your cock throb? Just hearing me ask for your information? I know it did. I know how to make you throb when you’re horny. I know exactly how to manipulate information out of you. It’s so easy when you’re in this excited state.

Send me a message with all of it. You just got seduced into blackmail. You didn’t expect it and that’s exactly what I was counting on. I love manipulating you when you’re weak, when you’re most vulnerable. And make sure you also send me some really humiliating photos of yourself so that I can use them against you. If I need to. Just do what I say and I won’t have to. If you obey, I’ll tease you a bit more and I know you want that. So be a good little boy and send me that message and I’ll make your cock throb. I know the thought of being blackmailed by a hot young brat has you twitching.

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