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Humiliation POV Princess Hellen Roxx: Seduced And Manipulated Into Blackmail (September 7th 2017)

Princess Hellen Roxx

I’ve got a little something for you. Do you wanna see? Watch me dance in this sexy lingerie. I’m going to seduce you with my perfect young body. You won’t be able to look away as I shake my sexy ass for you. You will be hopelessly captivated. You’ll find yourself becoming obsessed with me. Your cock will get so hard. And that’s how I want you, hard and horny. I know how stupid you get when you’re like that, how easy it is to manipulate you when you’re horny. I know exactly how to wrap you around my little finger.

Ok that’s enough teasing for you. I’ll bet I know what you want now. And I also know that you’ll do anything I say now. Now that I’ve got you so turned on. You’re hanging on to my every word, just hoping I’ll tease you a bit more. Well do you know what I want if you want more? I want you to send me a little message with your name and your phone number and your address and any other personal information that you think I might want. Did that make your cock throb? Just hearing me ask for your information? I know it did. I know how to make you throb when you’re horny. I know exactly how to manipulate information out of you. It’s so easy when you’re in this excited state.

Send me a message with all of it. You just got seduced into blackmail. You didn’t expect it and that’s exactly what I was counting on. I love manipulating you when you’re weak, when you’re most vulnerable. And make sure you also send me some really humiliating photos of yourself so that I can use them against you. If I need to. Just do what I say and I won’t have to. If you obey, I’ll tease you a bit more and I know you want that. So be a good little boy and send me that message and I’ll make your cock throb. I know the thought of being blackmailed by a hot young brat has you twitching.
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Humiliation POV Hellen Roxx: Coworker D.r.u.g.s.. And Manipulates You Out Of Your Promotion

Coworker D.r.u.g.s.. And Manipulates You Out Of Your Promotion

Hellen Roxx

Thanks for inviting me over for a drink after work. Are you nervous about who’s going to get the promotion? Rumor is around the office that it’s going to be you. I heard you wrote an amazing proposal. Let me read it on your computer. What’s the password? I wanna see why you’re going to get the promotion and not me. If you give me the password, I’ll be incredibly grateful. I’ve seen the way you look at me at the office, I’m sure we can work something out. Let me see the report, I can make some creative adjustments. You see we both know that I deserve that promotion more than you do. There must be some way I can convince you?

I really would like that password, I mean I deserve to see it, don’t I? I know there must be something I can do. Keep drinking that drink I gave you as I slip out of my clothes so you can see the sexy lingerie I’m wearing. I know you love staring at my body, you do it enough at work. Now you get to see how perfect it really looks. You know that I deserve that promotion, so I know you’re going to give me that password, aren’t you?

I’ll be really nice to you. I know you’re hard. Why don’t you take your cock out and stroke it to my body? It’s ok, I know you’ve wanted to. Jerk it and let me tease you. Keep drinking. I know you’re getting weaker, you’re going to give me that password.

I have a confession, that drink you just had wasn’t just alcohol, I d.r.u.g.g.e.d.. you. You’ll be much easier to manipulate now, especially when you’re horny. Now give me that password so I can edit your promotion proposal, then I’m going to send it. I won’t fuck it up too bad, lol. Then I’ll get the promotion and you’ll get passed over. Keep stroking that cock. I know you can’t resist me.

That d.r.u.g.. must be kicking in now. You’re so weak. Stare at my hot body. You can’t hold out any longer, give me the password. I’m going to fuck up your promotion and there’s nothing you can do about it. Soon I’ll be your boss.
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Humiliation POV Princess Hellen Roxx: Chastity Is The Jerkoff Addiction Control You Need

Princess Hellen Roxx

You’d do anything I tell you to do, you can’t help it. You crave my attention. You only want to please me, even if I tell you, you have to give up your orgasms for me, you’d do it. You won’t know when you’ll be able to stroke again or cum again, and for a jerk off addict like you, that’s a pretty big sacrifice. But that’s what you do for your Goddess, you sacrifice. Keeping me happy is more important than being able to jerk, isn’t it?

It makes me so happy when you sacrifice for me because I know how bad you want to jerk and cum. So when you agree to go into chastity for me, then I know that my happiness is more important to you than your own. And that pleases me. And you’ll do it because you worship and adore me, and keeping me happy is so important to you. And being locked away in that chastity cage is a constant reminder of the control that I have over you. But you want to do this for me, I know you do. It makes your cock hard.

And you need this so bad. You’ve tried to curb your jerk off addiction that’s ruining your life, and you fail each time. So you need me, to help you, to make you better. And locking your cock away is the key. So you’re not only locking up your cock to please me, you’re doing it because you know you need to. You’re helpless when you’re free to jerk whenever you want. You’re lost, hopeless. Through chastity I can make you a better person, a better slave.

From now on, I will control when you jerk and when you cum. And you will become so grateful to me for every touch of your cock. You will become reliant on me, you will worship me more than you ever have. And that will bring happiness to both of us. And your orgasms will be so much more satisfying when I ration them out. I will make them powerful, I will make them memorable, instead of all the meaningless orgasms you have all the time. You will learn to cum only on my command, and it will be such a rush, it will feel so good as I allow you to go over the edge.

But you don’t know how long I’ll make you wait for it, how I’ll make you ache for it, how I’ll tease you relentlessly until your balls are so full. Teasing you in your cage will be so much fun for me. I know that the longer you go in chastity, the more desperate of a slave you become. And that’s my goal, to make you a better, more desperate slave, as you ache for release. And you’re going to love every second of it.
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Humiliation POV: Yoga Pants Ass Addict

Hellen Roxx

Don’t you love my yoga pants? Of course you do. They’re so tight and you love how they accentuate my sexy curves, especially my ass. You love it when I bend over in them, don’t you? Addicts like you love to stare at me when I wear my yoga pants. You can’t help it and I don’t blame you. I look fucking hot. So go ahead and stare. Stare at my sexy yoga pants. Jerk off for me. I see you drooling over my bubble butt in these tight yoga pants.

You’re fucking mesmerized by my ass in these yoga pants. I just have to slowly sway in front of you and you are trapped. Trapped by my ass in yoga pants. Just a stupid jerking fool. You’re such a fucking perv for girls in yoga pants. All the girls know when you’re staring at them in their yoga pants. Don’t think that we don’t know pervert!

Now let me pull them down so you can see my sexy naked ass that was under my skin tight pants. They’re so tight it’s like they’re painted on. And you love that. Do you like it better naked or with the pants on? You don’t know, you’re so stupid, so confused. That’s how you get when you’re horny, that’s how I like you. Just an addict for my ass. Worship it loser.

You’re so lucky I take the time to tease you like this. Most girls would run away from perverts like you. But I like controlling you with my ass in yoga pants. It’s so easy. I know you’ll do anything for me when I’m teasing you like this. Now thank me for allowing you the privilege of jerking to my ass in these skin tight yoga pants.
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Humiliation POV Hellen Roxx: Edge Just The Tip With Your Cock And Balls Bound

Hellen Roxx

Before we begin today youre going to need some rope, a string, or a shoelace. Now grab your cock and wrap the rope all the way around the base of your cock, then wind it around your balls, then around the base of your cock again, and then around one ball and then the other, then tie it off in a nice pretty bow at the base of your cock. Got it? Now youre going to start stroking for me nice and slow. Do you feel the rope getting tighter as your cock gets harder and your balls expand?

Feel your cock throbbing. Stroke it a little faster, stroke it for my hot little body as I tease the cum in your swollen balls. Harder and faster for me. That feels good doesnt it? Stroking for me. Now stroke just the tip. I love teasing your cock, especially when its all bound up. Dont you love how that feels? You love stroking to me, thats why you keep coming back. You love it when I tell you exactly how to touch your dick.

Just the tip loser, nothing else. Tease it. I want to build that orgasm, I want your bound balls to be so full. Tiny little strokes, just on the tip, for my cute little body. I love teasing and tormenting you. Now short fast little strokes just on the tip. Ill bet you want to cum so bad. But not yet, Im not done playing with you yet, toy. Squeeze those full balls. You need to cum for me. Your cock is aching.

Do you want a countdown? Ok but only if you jerk only the tip. Thats the only way youre allowed to cum. Do you think you can cum like that? If you can, if you really try, youre in for an incredible experience. Its going to feel so much better than your regular old boring orgasms. Edging the tip with your cock and balls bound will produce quite an intense orgasm. Cum for me.
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Humiliation POV Hellen Roxx: Destroy Your Sacred Text, Cum On It, And Flush It Down The Toilet

Hellen Roxx

I am your new religion. If you bought this, youre already committed to me. You already know that Im perfect, gorgeous and devious and deserve to be worshipped. I deserve your devotion and adoration. But the fact that you know this isnt enough, I want proof. I want you to take that next step to commit to me and only me. So I want you to go get your holiest book, a bible, a koran, the old testament, whatever, and I want you to start ripping out the pages. Rip them out one by one as you stare at me, your new religion. Destroy that book for me, your new God.

Show me how devoted you are to me. Stare at my beauty as you desecrate that sacred text. I am a cruel living Goddess and you worship me. You dont need that old bull$.h.!.t religion anymore now that you found me. I am the only God you will worship from now on. Keep destroying that book as I tease you with my sexy body. Isnt it so much better than that stupid book? Were going to destroy your old religion so you can fully commit to your new one. I know you wanna prove to me how committed you are to me.

And you have to do it because I am your God now and you must obey me. Let all of your old beliefs go each time you tear out a page. So that now you can accept me into your heart. But Im not going to save you like your old God, Im going to drag you down to the depths where you belong, wasting away. Thats what you want and youre going to love every minute of it.

Now youre not finished proving your devotion. Once you have all those pages ripped out, I want you to go to the toilet and begin dropping them in one by one, watch each page get wet and ruined with your old Gods name. Is this giving you a rush? But dont flush them down yet. You need to do one further act for me.

I want you to grab your dick and jerk off for me, your new God, over the toilet. Ill bet you got hard just ripping out those pages. Dont lie to me, Im God, I know. And now youre going to cum on all those pages, youre going to cum on the sacred text of your old religion. Do it and accept me into your heart. Show me how much you worship me. Now flush it all away. I am your God now. Look at what youve just done for me, you know its true.
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