Humiliation POV Princess Amai: Clip Lurker Turned Addict, There’s No Turning Back Now

Princess Amai

You finally clicked and bought one of my clips. I know you’ve been lurking on my page and over my clips for years. Jerking off to the preview images while you read the descriptions. But you’ve been too much of a pussy to buy one until now. And now you’re fucked. You’re going to become addicted to me and my clips and you’re going to be clicking over and over again. What have you gotten yourself into? Now you’re not going to be able to think of anything else. And I’m sure part of you already knew that in that fucked up little head of yours. You knew that once you finally gave in and clicked that you’d become so fucking addicted. That’s why you held out for so long.

But when you saw this clip you couldn’t resist any more. And even though you knew it would fuck you up, you couldn’t help yourself. I own you now, your wallet, your soul and your mind, they’re all mine. You can try and fight it, but you’re going to find yourself clicking again and again. You’re an addict and I know how to fuck with addicts like you. You’re going to be my fucked up mush brained puppet.

Clicking, clicking, clicking, you’re going to become a little jerkoff addict for my clips. And this thought excites you so much. You’ve wanted to give in for so long. But you were scared to finally admit to yourself what you really are. You knew once you did this there was no turning back, and you were right, there is no turning back now.

You’re so fucking weak, the moment you bought this clip you gave in. You’re going to be helplessly clicking for me for the rest of your life. You’re going to be a jerkoff addict for me. In fact while you’re watching this clip I want you to open up my store and start clicking. I want you so fucked up, I want your head spinning. You’re not going to be able to stop. You are completely fucked now, you should have never purchased this clip. That one click just changed your entire life.

I’m going to verbally and mentally scramble your brains in this clip. Click, click, click.

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