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Halloween Party – A Scene Report Story by Renee

We had been waiting for weeks for this party to come about, and now it was finally time to go! I spent most of the day preparing myself, my costume and our toybag for the evening about to start, i was getting very excited as my mind was racing, thinking of what nasty things we may do tonight..WEG..

We had been waiting for weeks for this party to come about, and now it was finally time to go!

I spent most of the day preparing myself, my costume and our toybag for the evening about to start, i was getting very excited as my mind was racing, thinking of what nasty things we may do tonight..WEG..

I decided to go as a sexy witch, i had been wearing my hair in a mass of tight braids for a couple of days, to give me that wicked, sexy,mass of auburn hair that witches were known to have. I showered,shaving the “vital” areas that Master demands i keep shaved..taking my time, making sure not an inch was missed. I got out, dryed my body, pink from the heat of the hot water, admiring my curves in the mirror. Not too bad, i was thinking, wondering what kind of sexy undergarments i should wear under my costume..hummm…

I hurriedly slipped on a long black silk nightie i wear around the house, and made the kids and Master dinner…so they would be fed and out of my hair when the mother in law arrived to babysit, and Master could sit and rest a bit and have his dinner also.

I ran back into the bathroom, and started applying my makeup..hummm…what would a sexy witch wear on her lips..i decided to wear a bright pink..that looks good..and dark purple and lavender and light pink eyeshadow to make my black/brown eyes look even more darker and mysterious..added some plum blush on my cheekbones,temples, and a little on my chin, then added some lighter sheen of blush over that, and on my nose..looking good! For a added touch, i decided to put on some silver and purple body glitter, on the cheekbones,eyebrows, and chin..and of course over my shoulders and breasts, and even on my volumptuous ass..WEG..just in case that would be out in the open at any time during the course of the evening..LOL..now for the finishing touch..my hair. I undid all the braids, running my fingers thru the mass of waves they had produced..touched up the bangs with the curling iron, and “Viola” i had a beautiful halo of shining auburn waves surrounding my head…MMMMM…i think my new look will put the Master under my sexy spell..”laughing to myself”..

I hear Master come in, run out to make sure that he gets his food nice and hot, run back into the bedroom to finish getting ready. I decide to wear my black lace shelf bra, with matching black lace thong, and a black lace body stocking over that. It looked very sexy..and would look good when we get there and i remove my outer garments too..it covered the skin nicely and let just enough still peek out..and one could still see the bra and thong thru it..I put on my little black dress over all that, then as a finishing touch, found some black lace up the back leggings that went to just above my knees and some black zipped ankle boots..that looked pretty witchy also..then my special witch hat that i had bought at the dollar store and used fabric paints and made halloweenie patterns all over it in bright neon colors, bats, spiders,moons, stars, a couple of spiderwebs.. black above the elbow gloves, and a crocheted black and neon orange fringed shawl.I spun around in front of the mirror to get the full affect of the whole outfit, and i had to admit, i did real damn good for making due with what i had on hand..LOL..i always had a knack for that.

I came out and modeled for the clan, “well, how do i look?” Masters eyes got that dark sexy look, and he commented on what a sexy witch i was..that pleased me to no end..LOL, just what i wanted to hear..LOL

I made sure he ate, and told him he better get a move on so we could get going. I went and made sure that all his things were laid out for his costume in the bedroom..yep, his black velvet leggings,black silk shirt,tapestry vest,belt,gold chained necklace with a coat of arms on it..just for a more midevil look..and his half mask, that looked like what a dungeon master of old would have looked like..a very EVIL looking thing..LOL..once we got to the party our friend Korg would loan him some over the knee boots and a sword to finish off his outfit…when he was finished dressing, he modeled for me..MMMMMM..very Domly looking Sir! NICE ASS! LOL…come on, we have to hurry!

We got to the party about 10pm..seemed to be moving kinda slow..people just mingling and talking and eating..so after meeting up with Korg and his sub for the nite, Mischief, i decided to go and get something to eat..in my rush for me to get ready, i had fed everyone but myself!LOL..so after snacking and chatting for a while with old and new friends alike, and watching some very interesting scenes starting to warm up, Hawk tells me to go and take my dress off in the ladies room, and to come right back to him, which i do. As i go to him, he takes out the cuffs and puts them on my wrists, and attaches my purple leash to my purple satin slave collar, and leads me to a nearby cross..by this time i’m getting very excited, and kinda anxious like i always tend to get at these functions. He latches my cuffs to the chains hanging off the cross..spreading my ankles with his feet..coming up behind me and whispering what a good little slut i am..getting me nice and warm for what he had planned of me.

He started off with a very nice,sensual flogging, i was feeling my body start to respond to his actions and coming back to meet his thrashings of his flogger…MMMMMM…then he stops and rubs my sensitive skin gently with his warm hands..ahhhhhh..he then proceded to pick up our famous wooden paddle, mentioned in my other posts…and starts to gently smack my asscheeks in motion with the background music..i love a good rythem…lol..then he picks up momentum,and spanks me harder yet..my ass is getting extremely warm by this time..almost burning…he keeps it up..paddling me like there is no tomorrow, stopping and stroking the tender flesh..ahhhh..rubbing a rabbit pelt on it..MMMMMM…at that moment, there is an announcement that the prize drawing will begin…so we had to stop our play for a while. That stunk..i hate when a scene is interupted, especially when i’m having it!! LOL..anyway, this was a party being held by Lady C’s, a local fetish shop, and owned by a very nice BDSM friendly couple, they announced that they were giving away some $100 gift certificates for their store..i commented to Master and our friends that it would be nice to finally win something, since we have been coming to their parties for the past three years now..LOL..i must have been feeling lucky, cause low and behold, I won!! Needless to say, i can’t wait to get to the shop and spend it..LOL

After the drawings were over with, Hawk and Korg decided to switch subs..Hawk worked Mischief..paddling and spanking and flogging her, which she just adores to have done to her..i thought she was cumming at one point..her and i were face to face on opposite sides of the cross, so i could see that dreamy look coming over her face as Hawk worked her…Korg was busy working me with his new beast he had just gotten..it is a very heavy flogger..not something that i’m use to as yet..but i’m sure Korg will give me more time to get use to it..LOL..and i have had the pleasure to name his new flogger..It’s now known as “The Wrath of Korg” or “The Wrath” for short..LOL I can hear him already “SO YOU WANT TO FEEL MY WRATH HUH?!” LOL

After a while, my wrists and feet were hurting, i had changed into my black patent leather go go boots earlier, and they were pinching my feet something awful, and i had been pulling to hard on my cuffs, so my wrists were stiff..so Korg was kind enough to let me down to take a rest…and my ass needed a rest too, cause that new flogger of Korg’s is a beast! LOL..it did some damage that’s for sure! While i rested and got something to drink, i watched Hawk finish working Mischief and watched some of the other scenes going on..some real nice fireplay, some violet wand action going on, and Princess getting herself put into a full head harness covered with buckles and being worked in the middle of the room, by her Master while being suspended…that girl is just too cute to live! LOL..and they come with a whole trunk of toys too!!

We chatted for a while longer with other friends and amongst ourselves, then Hawk tells me that he wasn’t even close to finishing on working on me..I feel a shiver run down my body..UH OH..now what i’m wondering.. ..he leads me back to the cross, cuffs me up there again, and proceedes to paddle me some more..my ass stinging with every blow..then he goes to using his hands..he started slowly..building up speed, spanking my ass so hard that i’m pulling on my cuffs, my upper body bending backwards towards him, his hands are just a blur..he’s beating my ass so fast and hard with those strong hands of his..i’m moaning, i hear myself starting to groan, still straining on the cross..then he stops..shoves me forward on the cross with his body pressed against my back..his groin pressed into my ass…hissing nasty and sexy things into my ear..i feel myself start to float, i know that feeling all too well, i’m going into subspace..i can’t help myself, by his pressing his body into mine and saying those obscenaties in my ear, i feel myself start to leave my body… AHHHHHHH…yes Master, I am YOUR SLUT…OH YES MASTER!..he pulls back, i have my head hanging forward in the middle cross sections of the cross, then i feel his hands on my ass again!…He starts slow,like before..then speeds up the momentum..beating me so hard and fast that i’m pulling backwards on the cross again..letting out loud moans for all to hear..AHHHHHHHH..i hear Korg saying what a pretty little sub Hawk has..and barely hear Hawk agree..i’m in a haze..i feel Hawk press his body against mine again, shoving my breasts against the cross, i feel his fingers pinching my nipples, i hear him whispering those nasty things that i love to hear..what a slut i am, his whore, his cunt..AHHHHHHHH…i feel his cock pressing into my ass..i’m floating still more..god i want to fuck him in the worst way!! I can feel my pussy soaking wet..wanting to feel his body in mine..but i can’t! I feel myself leaving my body..everything is a murmur..can’t make out anything else going on other than what my body is feeling..and what Hawk is doing to it..

He to do this to me another 2 or 3 times, i’m not sure, i lost count..i was sooo out of it afterwards, that he had to help me to a chair and sit me on his lap and stroke and rock me…which i loved most of all, with him telling me how proud he was of me..how much he loved his little slut..I love him with all my heart and soul, and i was sooo proud of how well he handled me too....I think i have the best Master and husband in the whole world..

We hung around a while longer, chatting,then decided it was time to go , we still had a long drive home and we were both tired from our activities… though happily tired..lol…we gave our farewells to Korg and others and made it sleepily home..after we got home, i checked out my poor ass in the mirror..WOW! it was purple, black, AND blue! Hawks hands and Korg’s flogger sure did a number on me…LOL..which i was most happy to see..i love to see marks left on my snow white skin..WEG..i had Hawk inspect his work, which he kinda felt guilty about,and i assured him i was fine, tender, but fine, and i had a very contented smile on my face when we snuggled into each others arms and passed out…LOL


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