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A Fetish Scene Report by Slave Renee

This past sat nite, our good friend Master Korg needed our help to get the ball rolling on a Fetish nite that was starting at a local adult establishment.

This past Saturday nite, our good friend Master Korg needed our help to get the ball rolling on a Fetish nite that was starting at a local adult establishment..they had just changed hands, and the new manager is very BDSM friendly. The idea is to get other people to know about the lifestyle, by doing stage shows for them. Well, with him being such a close friend, we said *SURE!* We would love to help....

We got there about 9:30pm, and Korg was still setting up the stage for our performances..we got to hang out in the dressing room, chatting with the female dancers between sets..Hawk was very happy to be able to see all kinds of titties bouncing all over the place..LOL..this was just icing on the cake for him..lol..

After Korg talked over with us about what our plans were for our performance, and he got the music set up for our scenes with the DJ, him and his temp sub for the evening Mischief got onstage, he cuffed her to the dancers brass pole in the middle of the stage, and proceded to do a very erotic flogging scene with two floggers, it was very enjoyable watching Mischiefs reactions to his administations to her eager willing body…WEG..

After a break between scenes, the dancers would go out and do their thing…we were in the dressing room getting prepared, joking with some other friends and dancers, i was getting slightly antsy and nervous..i had told Hawk that we should probably try to be somewhat more extream in our performance..SILLY ME! lol…i was having problems getting myself dressed, since there were all kinds of stranger walking in and out of the dressing room, but i managed to get on my black lace corset and skirt with thong attached, i borrowed some of Korg’s black PVC thigh high boots with 6″heels…big mistake!!!.I could barely walk in them..LOL

The toys we were going to use was a flogger, wooden paddle and a quirt that i myself had made from a crop handle and some 9 tails made of suide..Korg said that i was my own worst enemy when it came to me making my own toys…LOL..and after our performance i had to agree with him…LOL

Finally it was our time to get onstage..Hawk walked me out to the Enigma song “RETURN TO INNOCENCE” I was cuffed to the same brass pole as Mischief was…with my back facing the crowd, my ass stuck out for the world to see, and for Master to do his specialty on it..

HE proceded to flog me somewhat gently to get me nice and warmed up..i could look at the mirror behind him to the side and see him working me, which just excited me even more..as the song progressed, he brought out the wooden paddle..and paddled my ass hard to the beat of the music…my body responding by my ass sticking our even farther to meet his oncoming blows to it..by now i was starting to get weak from what my body was going thru and watching him work me so well..not to mention that those torture boots i was wearing had no ankle support and i was holding myself up with my arms clinging to the brass pole..LOL..my ass was burning hot and blood red from Masters blows, i thought i couldn’t take much more..then he stopped the paddling, and proceded to spank me with his warm hands..MMMMMM…that was feeling much better to me then…

I was using what little strength i had left to cling to the pole, as HE then took out that evil quirt i had made..he then beat my shoulders, back and ass with it…i could feel the burning sting of it all over my body…i could feel the rush flow thru my body and he continued to torment my tender flesh..by now i was just hoping that i could keep standing, not looking like a fool to the crowd..LOL..but the little trooper that i am, and that {show must go on} stuff, i kept my slave composure..LOL..

the songs seemed to go on forever..come to find out that the three songs we had picked out for the scene were some of the longest ones..LOL..so we had to perform for about 15 mins!


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