Goddess Foot Domination – Goddess Brianna, Mia Martinez – Babysitter Slave

Goddess Brianna catches teen babysitter Mia Martinez ignoring her job, chatting on her phone, and making plans for her boyfriend to come over–big mistake! How dare this brat even try to take advantage of a Goddess. Goddess Brianna punishes Mia, grabbing the phone from her hands and telling Mia’s powerless boyfriend on the other end exactly what she deserves. Goddess Brianna shoves her tattooed foot deep in Mia throat, muffling her pathetic cries for help and she struggles to free herself from the Goddess’s firm grasp. If this dirty slut wanted to get off tonight, this is the only way it’s going to happen. The Goddess is staying in tonight with her new playtoy. She pins her babysitter down by her stro

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