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Goddess Foot Domination: Discipline and Maintenance

Sorceress Morgana is awoken by the sound of loudly clattering dishes. She is furious that her slave is making so much noise after she warned him that she’d be recovering from a late night out. The sorceress commences with a tongue lashing then commences with the punishment. She bends him over her knees and slaps his bare ass hard with her palm. In his current position, the slave has a great view of Morgana’s feet. He counts the licks on his ass and begs for more.

After the grueling punishment, Sorceress Morgana instructs the slave to prepare her bath. Once she is seated in the warm tub with a glass of red wine, the slave is told to worship her feet. The sorceress provides continual instruction and reminds the slave to only perform exactly as told. Once the complete tongue bathing of her feet is done, the slave sponges them clean with the bath water. This slave is fare from perfect, but Sorceress Morgana knows how to train him.

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