Goddess Alexandra Snow – Social Engineering Experiment

There was this curious ad for a very high-paying research program and you were a bit strapped for cash. It requires several months of time commitment but the money made it too irresistable. You sign your paperwork, put your stuff into storage, and show up as instructed. The woman who meets you begins to explain the experiment.. a social engineering experiment. There are equal groups of men and women of varying ages in a closed environment. However the women are given full and total control over the resources such as food, shelter, water, electricity, etc. The men must find ways to barter for their resources, by serving the women, working for them, trading with other men, what have you. She explains that a curious phenomenon has been occuring: without access to resources, all men become subservient. And now you’re about to join the ranks, naked and stripped of your identity.

Download file – 562.3 MB

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