DatesGoneWrong – Toby’s Blind Dates Sister Gets Payback (PT 1)

Toby Springs is about to to be arriving at his blind dates house. As he knocks on the door he is startled when no other then Maia Evon, his ex-girlfriend standing right in front of him. She yanks Toby in and throws him on the floor startled he has a shocked look on his face as Maia begins to explain that his date is her sister and he should have known this. So before Maia’s sister gets back from the gym she coerced his head down and puts all her weight right on his face. With his nose jammed up right between her cheeks Toby struggles for air. While laughing she bounces up and down and just as he is about to inhale some air, she sits right back down. Over and over again she grinds her ass back and forth while wearing jean shorts tearing up his face. Not before long Toby’s struggle begins to slow down and as Maia stands up she realizes that her ex has and the only way to wake him up is to give him a good over the knee spanking like she use to when he was bad. (Part One)

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