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cruelgf/Cruel Girlfriend: My Bull – Your Bully (HD WMV)

Y’know what I love most about cuckolding you? More than all the awesome sex my big, hung stud gives me? More than making you buy all the expensive lingerie, all the hot outfits, and paying for our date-nights? What I love the most is watching HIM bully you! OMG I love it SO MUCH! The way my bull puts you in your place, humiliates you and emasculates you right in front of me drives me wild! It’s so fucking hot. No matter how hard you try to please us and keep on his good side, he still finds a way to smash you down a peg or two. I mean besides physically bullying you – spanking you in front of me, pushing you around and making you suck his cock – he’s an expert at psycholically bullying you too. I love it when he makes you thank him for fucking me and making you call him sir! I love it when as he’s fucking me hard in our bedroom he tells you you’re going to be next. The fear and humiliation on your face makes me want to cum so quickly! I love it when he tells you to clean up his cum after he’s emptied his huge alpha load. Most of all I love it when he bullies you in public. Loudly telling you to buy something hot for him to fuck your girlfriend in at the lingerie store. Calling you bitch, sissy or cuckold when we’re all out together. He loves to bully you and I LOVE to watch him bully you.
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