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Cruelgf: His Cum And My Spit

Oh look at poor cucky. Look at all his slimy cum – your real man rival’s Alpha cumloads. He knows you’re going to be eating it today – I told him we were going to make you eat his cumloads. I’m going to pour all his loads into a glass so you can guzzle it down like a good little cum swallowing beta wimp. I thought it might me nicer for you if I added a little bit of Alpha Goddess Spit to your delicious drink. Would you like that cucky? How does it look – your superior master’s thick cum all mixed in with your superior Goddess’s spit? It looks fucking disgusting to me but you’re going to slurp up every drop aren’t you. I think it’d be cool if I recorded you as you gag on every mouthful so I can show our stud how you drink down his cum. I know he’d find it fucking hilarious. He gets to cum – and all you get is to eat cum. That’s kind of it for you cuckold isn’t it. You’re a cum eater and I’m going to watch and laugh as you clean up every drop of this cum and spit cocktail. So gross!
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