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Cruel Girlfriend Becky Dee: Cuckold Wedding Night

umiliating wasn’t it cucky? You followed me into the honeymoon suite after our amazing day. You looked at me in my pretty wedding dress and told me how beautiful I looked. You couldn’t wait to fuck your new bride and your poor cock was straining to get out of your chastity device. I teased you with the key and told you to beg me to let you out to consummate our marriage. It was so hot! And then you heard their laughter from the corner of the room. The 2 waiters and the barman I was flirting with all night while you were busy shaking hands were more than happy to help me totally humiliate my new cuckold husband tonight. I told them the last person I’d allow to fuck me tonight would be you cucky – that’s why they’re here – and that’s why you’re going to be staying locked up in that cock cage tonight. There’s going to be no wedding night sex for you – just for these 3 strangers who get to fuck your new hotwife in her pretty wedding dress. They get to run their hands up my stockinged legs and slip their fingers into my bridal panties. They get to bend me over and lift up my white satin dress before taking in turns to fuck me. You get to watch your perfect bride suck their cocks like a total slut knowing you’re losing your one opportunity of wedding day sex. Three strangers are taking your place on the most important night of your life. Your shiny new wife is getting used by other guys right in front of your eyes and there’s nothing you can do about it. Why don’t you just take a photo for our wedding album cucky!

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