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Clubstiletto – Miss Jasmine – He’s Our Sweat Pet

Famous female wrestler Mutiny and Miss Jasmine are working out and taking turns on the elliptical. The one not working keeps their slave busy by making him lick the sweat of their bodies with special attention paid to their asses… because it feels so good. The scene opens with the slave licking the clearly visible sweat off of Mutiny’s ass while Jasmine is back on the elliptical building up more sweat for him. Mutiny then has the slave lick her cleavage before sending him down to her legs and then each foot. We now see that Jasmine is starting to get rather wet and once Mutiny feels her entire body has been licked clean, the ladies change places. Some wonderful angles of both ladies luscious sweaty bodies.

Mutiny regrets having to get back on the equipment she is having so much fun but Jasmine needs her time too. “I purposely kept this one thirsty all day” she says as the slave eagerly licks her clean happy to focus on her ass cheeks and crack until Jasmine decides he’s being selfish and orders him to work down her legs to her feet. One leg and then the other. Mutiny has only met Jasmine’s slave today and Jasmine mentions that he is obviously working hard to impress her. The slave now licks Jasmine’s stomach and up to her breasts as she demands that every bead of sweat be licked up. Now Mutiny comes back down for a final licking and this time they both press their asses into his face. “When we lock him up and leave, he’ll always have his memories” Jasmine says with a smile.

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