Clubstiletto – Lady Bellatrix – Your Wallet Raping, Chastity, Girl Friend

You’re Lady Bellatrix’s husband and as long as you keep bringing home a pay check she will have a purpose for you. Today you are taking her shopping but first she needs you to put on your chastity device. She tells you that she knows as long as she controls your cock she controls you. She tells you about the nice things she needs and while doing so she secures you into your cage. If the trip goes well she may release you. She then dangles the key in front of you before sticking it into her bra. Bellatrix is beautifully attired with makeup, little black dress, and killer stilettos. She tells you she controls you now and always and them hints that she might like a new car today. She mentions that she is not wearing panties and has you come down and glance between her legs. She tells you how her pussy is all hot and wet and laughs seeing your cock bulge in the chastity. She reminds you again that you are her possession and then orders you to lay on your back. She suggests that the chastity will be kept on for sometime, the entire weekend for sure, if not longer, maybe three days, or four. How about five days, can you handle it? Six days, a week. By that time you would be desperate and prepared to do anything to get out of your predicament. That will mean another shopping trip. She brings her red lips down to your cock, it’s only inches away, but she is only teasing, there will be no release today or anytime soon. “And when I do let you cum, it will be a ruined orgasm” she laughs.

Download file – 564.8 MB

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