Clubstiletto – Lady Bellatrix – Boy From The Box

Sexy Lady Bellatrix is on the bed and enjoying her pvc boots, running her hands up and down them when she notices you. “Hello there boot licker” she says. She tells you to admire her shiny thigh high boots and reaches one leg straight up in the air giving you a very nice visual. She explains how you will worship her boots and points to where you will start and how your filthy slave tongue will cover every inch of her boots. She then suddenly remembers she actually has a slave in her naughty box right beneath her feet (the slave was locked in box for over two hours to insure the scene looked most authentic). She opens it up and he is definitely filling the box completely, most uncomfortable. His hours in there most certainly have not been comfortable. She tells him to get out of the box and has him kneel in front of her and tell her how he likes her boots. She then puts the bitch to work licking every inch, much as you would had you been the chosen one. She has him spend a fair bit of time sucking on the stilettos and humiliates him by making him make blow job noises. She grabs him by his head and guides his head up and down the side of the boots until they are clean to her satisfaction. She locks the slave back in the box and leaves for an evening out with her girlfriends.

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