Clubstiletto – Goddess Jewels Will Train You To Be Her 24/7 – Worship My Feet

You are the new slave of Goddess Jewels, and today is your first day of training. She has you crawl to her and tells you she has high expectations but you will need a lot of work to meet her standards. If you can’t do an adequate job you will be replaced. “One thing that is a must, is that my feet must be attended to.” She states. She tells you to get down and kiss them. She then guides you through the entire process of servicing her feet. The soles, the toes, in between the toes, and she likes to keep them dirty and musky just for you. She tells you to suck the big toe like a cock because she might make you do that in the future too. Whatever she wants you will do.

She talks about the importance of you smelling her feet, getting addicted to the smell so when she comes home you are already panting to taste them. She calls you a good boy as you lick and suck as told. She then holds them up so you can see the soles completely and tells you that sometimes when her feet are up it will be you on all fours under them being her human stool. She might use you as a stool while she touches herself, or maybe have a boyfriend over and both of them will have their feet on your back. She again tells you to kiss her feet and show your devotion. “If you please me you will get to kiss other parts of my body”, she says, rolling onto her side and showing you her beautiful huge ass. She encourages you to kiss it and talks about your new role, how you will do everything she demands. Discipline, housework, body worship, human furniture, you are going to be a busy slave. “This is just the beginning” she tells you, ordering you back down to her feet to worship them some more.

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