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Club Stiletto Miss Madison: Massage My Back then Under you GO – SENSUAL MASSAGE

Gorgeous Miss Madison explains that she has never let her slave in the tub with her until now. “Later you’ll be kneeling in the corner wet and cold” she tells him but for now he gets the thrill of touching her flesh. She directs him how to massage her and warns him not to touch her tits. “Do you think about my tits sometimes?” she asks him. When he says yes she reminds him that he couldn’t handle touching them, “you’d lay awake at night confused, am I a slave, am I a man, what the fuck am I, and we know you’re a slave so no point thinking about it.” To titillate him she then starts to play with her breasts and talks about how amazing they feel. “I love running my fingers over my nipples” she says.

She then decides that it might be fun to face sit her slave in the tub. She stands up and has him slide into the water. She brings her beautiful ass down on his face sending him to the bottom of the tub. When he starts to kick frantically she laughs hysterically, gives him a quick breath then goes back down on him again. After the second round the slave is exhausted so rather than sending him under again she stands up and tells the slave to lick her legs and ass crack dry. When he gets up to her asshole he licks passionately causing the Mistress to laugh again, she knows what he likes most.

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