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Club Stiletto: 8 Cum Shots

Even the most deprived slave is generally allowed to cum at least once in a while. In this hot clip we take cum shots from 8 different scenes with actions and verbals from the Mistress to give you a sense of their mindset as they give the slave his special moment. The Mistress squeezing every drop of cum from the slave causing a powerful blast of cum, or ruining his orgasm, or making the slave get himself off, or the Mistress having an orgasm as well, we give you a bit of everything.

Imagine what you will, are you one of these slaves or maybe you’re the special slave that gets to eat up all the cum after. Can you handle that much jizz? Starring Mistress Kandy, Miss Jasmine, goddess Mia, Goddess Samantha, Mistress Red and Princess Jemma. WE RATE THIS ONE AS RED HOT!

Miss Jasmine,
Princess Jemma,
Mistress Kandy,
Goddess Mia,
Mistress Red,
Goddess Samantha,

Format: mp4

Duration: 00:05:21
Size: 431.11MB
Resolution: 1920×1080

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