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Brat Princess 2: Madison – Spoiled Princess Gets What she Wants or your Balls Get it (1080 HD)

1080 HD Madison did not like the way her slave licked her shoes. She wants to kick it in the balls now. Madison kicks the slave in the testicles very hard, over and over. The slave drops to the floor in pain. Madison does not care. She makes the slave stand back up so that she can kick him some more. Madison is a pretty girl, so she gets to do whatever she wants. The slave’s balls may be hurting now, but his wallet’s going to hurt even worse tomorrow when she and her girlfriends raid it at the mall. Madison knows that she can do ANYTHING she wants to the slave. She’s just too hot to hear “no.”
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Brat Princess 2: BP – 2013 Ball Busting Highlights

Brat Princess 2: BP - 2013 Ball Busting Highlights

DVD Quality: This clip has the best bits of ball busting from 2013. The opening sequence is violent and sadistic. The cries and wails coming from the ball busting slave are haunting. This clip is amazing. If you want to know which clip to buy this is a great clip to sample all of our ball busting. The sequences picked show the indifference the girls have towards the slave’s balls. They kick as hard as they can during these clips. This clip is amazing. (Highlights from around 13 clips are in this)
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Brat Princess 2: Christina Madison and Sophie – Ball Busting Sorority Slave Tryouts (1080 HD)

Brat Princess 2: Christina Madison and Sophie - Ball Busting Sorority Slave Tryouts (1080 HD)

This is an older clip that was never released for some reason. The girls take turns kicking his balls getting him ready for a sorority party where there will be lots of girls taking turns kicking. The girls punch, kick, and knee his balls. Some of the kicks literally leave the slave breathless. The tone in this clip is bratty and joyful. The girls really have fun in this clip. They laugh and giggle at his misery.
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Brat Princess 2: Christina Madison and Sophie – Ball Kicking Bitchy Spoiled Brats (720 HD)

A long lost Brat Princess classic. Sophie, Madison and Christina are just complete ball busting bitches in this clip. The girls are mostly talking about their sugar daddies and what they get from them. The ball kicking slave is just being kicked as the girls talk and complain about their Princess problems. Wrong color car for Sophie! She is so pissed! They use the slave to take out their frustrations. The girls call their sugar daddies at work and bitch at them over the phone. “Don’t talk back! You want to hear what happens when you talk back?” She holds the phone out so her sugar daddy can hear the screams of the ball kicking slave. He quickly agrees to do what they say. The girls throw a Brat Princess temper tantrum and demand things from their sugar dummies. The ball kicking slave is just being kicked, kneed, and punched during the whole video. This video is a brat Princess long lost classic. Shot a couple years ago and never released until now. Sophie is amazing in this clip. If you like bitchy spoiled findoms, you have to get this clip. Strongly recommended!
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