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Club Stiletto Miss Madison: Madison’s little Foot Fucker – FOOT WORSHIP

As the scene opens Miss Madison is relaxing on her slave as if he is a human chaise lounge. She is rubbing her feet over his mouth and then tells him to get his tongue in between each toe. While he works one foot she holds the other up for you to admire. She spreads her toes and wrinkles her soles and says it’s a shame she doesn’t have another slave there to attend to that foot. “I just got home from the gym so my feet must be delicious” she tells her slave. He agrees that they are. “Don’t you wish you were here?” she asks you. She then tells the slave to keep his tongue out so she can rub the entire length of her soles over it. “You need to get all that dirty nastiness of my soles” she says.

Miss Madison again waves her foot in your face, looks at you and tells you to stroke your cock. “Imagine you’re licking this one” she tells you. She suddenly realizes that the pleasure and control has made her a bit horny so she pulls her panties to the side and starts playing with her pussy. Meow! She continues to rub her feet on the slave while touching herself but then again turns her focus to him. She starts slapping his face with her feet and asks him if he appreciates her feet. Now she is ready to face fuck him with her foot so she tells him to open wide and jams her entire foot in his mouth. She rams it in and out and makes him gag. She calls him her little foot fucker. Now tired, she spreads her legs across the length of his body and says she is so comfortable she is going to have a nap. “See you in a few hours” she tells him.

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