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British Bratz: Lick My Louboutins

How HOT do I look in my sexy Louboutins. My precious feet deserve nothing but the best. My red soles make you instantly weak and you ache to worship but these are my oldest pair and they are pretty filthy. Worn in many high profile clubs of which places the likes of ugly freaks like you wouldn’t gain entry but I am going to be very kind and allow you a taste of the club.

Yes, these heels have been worn dancing in these London clubs so you can imagine the dirt and grime on the soles so if you want to jerk off you can clean them, with your tongue. I want them sparkling clean and I want you to hate every single second but knowing you will amuse me and in turn be allowed to stroke you will do an amazing job.

So get to your knees, get your tongue out and clean bitch.
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