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Brat Princess 2: Amadahy and Sasha – Use Chastity slave as Human Ashtray (1080 HD)

Awesome bdsm video

Description: 1080 HD Amadahy and Sasha are looking incredibly sexy in lingerie. The ashtray slave is kept in tight chastity, so they feel comfortable using his mouth, even while dressed provocatively. The girls make small talk while ashing into the slave. They spit into its mouth and talk about the slave’s chastity training. The ashtray’s chastity is strict, but they think they can get it into an even tighter size. Amadahy and Sasha talk about how they have been encouraging a female frenemy to gain weight. They have been feeding her, trying to get her very fat, because they think it’s funny to watch how sad she gets when her clothes no longer fit. They talk about bullying this girl into gaining more weight. Then, they put both of their cigarettes out on the ashtray’s tongue. They make sure the ashtray swallows the butts. Amadahy and Sasha head off to the mall to buy more clothes for themselves. Shopping is fun for them because they have perfect figures. Everything they try on looks great on their fit bodies.

Format: WMV
Duration: 8 Min
Size: 633 Mb
Resolution: 1920×1080

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