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Mistress Nikita/Obeynikita: My Human Smoke Filter

It’s so nice to return to the dungeon after an elegant evening out to find my human air cleaner right where I left it… like it had any choice. Now, it has no choice but to fulfill the service I’ve tasked it with — to filter my smoke! Such a lucky little object. I do enjoy a nice cigar to cap off the evening’s affairs and having a little sadistic fun just adds to my night. I don’t really care that it doesn’t smoke — it just lives to serve. So very amusing to use that cock as my ashtray after I blow copious amounts of smoke into it’s mask for it to consume and freshen up the room.
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Mistress Michelle Lacy Owns Me: Smoking and Plowing my Cock Warmer

This little bitch is going to be my cock warmer. Time for his final punishment of the day. I make him lube up the cock by sucking it. The more spit he puts on it, the better off he is because that is the only lube he is going to get. Then I stick my huge superior cock into his little slut hole and take out a cigarette and start smoking while I make him fuck himself. Turning him into a little ass-tray, I ash on my cock while it’s sliding in and out, fucking him with my cigarette ashes, further degrading him while I laugh at his demise. He can barely handle it and starts inching away from me, but I follow him until he’s halfway onto the floor in a semi-pile drive position, not stopping until I am done with him.
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Mistress Kennya: Ashtray for My lover

After so long in chastity, My hubby cuck gets to service Me and My lover together. I just love to use him as an ashtray so the loser is pretty good at it; but I love even more to humiliate him. Master Jason is very skilled at it so all I have to do is enjoy the show and plan further misery!
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Mistress Nikita/Obeynikita: Smoking Boots

You’re lucky I’m even allowing you to look at these super gorgeous black leather Casadei knee high zip and lace boots with oh so high metal stiletto heels. Your tongue isn’t going anywhere near them, but you can be a good boot boi, kneel on the floor and watch me smoke a cigarette while my long red nails caress the soft Italian leather. And don’t you dare touch that little thing between your legs. Just let my boots take control of you, take over your entire existence. You’d do anything for just a sniff of that leather. What about the inside after my damp pantyhose feet come out? I said no touching, bitch!

Format: MP4
Duration: 6 Min
Size: 145 Mb
Resolution: 1920×1080

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Femdom Empire – Lexi Sindel, Saharra Huxley – Strap-on Interrogation

This is the continuation of “Interrogation” Ms Lexi continues the interrogation & intimidation with her Amazon henchwoman Saharra Huxly. Saharra holds the weasel-man still while Lexi blows smoke in his face and ashes into his mouth. She puts her cigarette out on his tongue while telling him there is more pain to come. Saharra knows how to make a man submit, with her huge strap-on cock. Lexi hoists him by all fours which is painful its-self. Saharra takes his ass dry making him cry like a baby while she fucks his ass into submission.
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Brat Princess 2: Chloe and Natalya – Domestic Girl Cruelly Whipped until Limp (1080 HD)

1080 HD The domestic girl (Lizzy Lamb) does yardwork outdoors in nothing but her underwear. It’s November and the air is chilly. Chloe and Natalya smoke a cigarette on the patio in their jackets. They ignore the cold little servant and converse with each other. Occasionally, they yell at the girl to work harder.
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Brat Princess 2: BP – Three Girls Use Human Ashtray Before Shopping (1080 HD)

1080 HD Mariah and Sasha want a smoke before going shopping. They use a dumb slave as their ashtray. Natalya spits in the loser while the other two girls ash cigarettes into his mouth. The slave coughs as Mariah and Sasha put their cigarettes out on his tongue. The girls laugh at the slave, then head to the mall.
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Mistress Nikita/Obeynikita: Moto Boot Bitch

Oh, you thought being my bitch meant you got to lick my sexy high heel shoes and boots? Being my bitch means you get to lick whatever I tell you to lick — the floor, my car tires, some random guy’s asshole. This slug should be grateful I’m allowing it to worship my black leather moto boots. They’re perfect for wearing out on the grungiest surfaces and for squashing out my cigarette butts, which it also gets to eat off the floor. Such a lucky boot bitch!
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Brat Princess 2: Sasha POV – Human Ashtray POV (1080 HD)

1080 HD You are my human ashtray. Be still and keep your tongue out. Inhale the smoke that I exhale. Wait for my ash, pathetic slave, blacken that tongue and swallow it. You are an ashtray. Just an object. Each bit of hot ash smolders in your mouth. When I put the cigarette out on your tongue, I want it to hurt. Swallow the butt for me. Kneel and wait until I’m ready for another. You serve one purpose, and a lowly one at that. Do it well.
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Mistress Nikita/Obeynikita: Burning My Ashtray – WMV

A filthy pig like this isn’t good for much more than eating my ash, cigarette butts and whatever else I decide to shove down its trash hole. From the looks of things I might be over-feeding it a bit. No matter, better to keep all that garbage out of the landfill anyway. And it’s just too amusing to see how excited it gets at the prospect of eating my refuse. Look at that little cock grow in excitement when I light up and blow smoke in its face. It knows that its tongue will soon be covered in my sticky hot ash and spit. Just for fun I decided to burn that tongue and cock so it can have a little reminder of its proper place for the next few days.
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Goddess Foot Domination – Slave Training

Join Goddess Brianna and Goddess Kendra James as they relax with cigarettes after their intense session beating their boot bitch. Kept on a tight leash, the pathetic slut serves to light their cigarettes and worship their feet while the Goddesses decompress. It’s hard work being a Goddess, and now it’s time for them to be pampered properly by their human ashtray.
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Mistress Nikita/Obeynikita: My Ash Hole – MP4

There is no other place this thing would rather be; no other place it belongs really. I knew it the second it crawled into my domain and pleaded to be useful to me. Useful? Useful like licking the filth from my boot sole, swallowing my hot ash and eating my cigarette butts? If I feel generous I might spit into it’s mouth so it can swallow up my trash a little better. It’s good to keep one’s garbage dispose-all well lubricated. You never know what I might need to flush down that tube!
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Clubdom: Pegging Slave 142’s Ass (November 9th 2017)

Goddess Sasha Foxx lets her slave know that her big black cock isn’t going to suck itself. He immediately shoves his mouth down on her strap on dick and starts gagging while sucking on it. After her slave sucks her dick and gets it wet, Goddess Sasha Foxx bends him over his cage and starts pegging his worthless ass. Sasha Foxx starts smoking while taking her slave’s man pussy, and she ashes on his back while thrusting her long strap on cock in his ass. Although her slave screams the whole time he’s getting his ass pummeled, Sasha Foxx knows he loves being used like a worthless fuck doll.
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Clubdom: Controlled By a Queen (October 16th 2017)

Jamie Valentine has her two punished slaves in their cages and now her attention is on YOU. She smokes her cigarette while she tells you to suck her cock and stroke your cock exactly the way she wants you to. Obey Jamie and do as she says, she is your Queen, your Goddess and you are helpless without her. Prove yourself to her now, slave. Cum when she says.
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – The New Diet Secret

Custom video that turned out really well. Hello ladies.. I want to tell you a little bit about this brand new diet cure that I recently discovered. I was invited to participate in a new trial for an experimental product that has had the most interesting results. It’s been carefully harvested from the male test subjects and formulated into a serum that you vape.. and it empowers the user with amazing vitality, beauty, and your body practically transforms! It’s a bit of a sordid story with the testing.. apparently the first few subjects didn’t survive the extraction but the results were so amazing that they continued the trials anyway. It has such incredible side effects.. making men unwavering aroused and attracted to you, but you no longer care about their approval! I literally don’t care AT ALL if a man finds me attractive any more, and that seems to make me even hotter! The more I vaporize this serum into my body, the better I feel. And lately men have been falling all over themselves to offer their bodies for me to have more serum… even when I explain they will be kept in permanent stasis, making the chemical for my consumption..
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