Bare Bottom Schoolgirl Paddling

Bare Bottom Schoolgirl Paddling – Maddy Marks is no stranger to the Paddle

Day three for Maddie in the principals office for the dreaded school panel. She has no stranger to the paddle but dreads the horrible sting on her bare bottom. Defiantly she marches into his office, putting her hands on the wall and thrusting her bottom out for him to do his worst.The swats are brutally hard on the seat of her white cotton panties as she chokes back tears. The big wooden paddle is drilled with blistering holes designed to break even the toughest girls. Her panties are pulled down and she is ordered to put her hands on her ankles for a cruel paddling on her bare bottom. She is sobbing through her swats, on the verge of breaking down. Sniffling as she rubs her bruised bottom, she is threatened with the cane if she has to return the final day.

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