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American Mean Girls: NEW HOUSE – OLD FOOT FREAK (4K)

I always enjoy having new girls over to show off my "Mean Girl" lifestyle to. But some of them just don’t understand how I can be sooo mean to old losers and treat them the way that I do. But me n Princess Mia (from "Brat Princess" fame) hit it off right away online, and she was totally down to see my new house that a slave bought me and hang out for awhile. We even shot a few clips together while she was here. This was the first one.

Basically, I just show off how this old foot-creep is like SO obsessed with my feet that we can do anything we want to him. I let him bow down and kiss my feet in front of Mia and he is like soo happy…but then I tell him that he has to keep his legs spread niiiice and WIDE while he kisses my feet. That way Mia can line up her KICKS TO HIS BALLS from behind! HAHA

Poor old foot loser is so addicted to my feet that he just keeps getting back up and bowing down to kiss my feet over and over again no matter how much pain it is in…and kissing my feet with his legs spread- even though he knows Mia is just going to KICK his balls again! So pathetic.

It is so funny to play with loyal foot slaves.

– Princess Amber

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