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Mistress – T – Fetish Fuckery: Hot Pants Chastity Tease

I love teasing you when you’re in chastity. It SO delights me to see you squirm. My ass drives you wild and so do I. Awww…are you getting horny already? Ha ha
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Brat Princess 2: ChiChi and Kendall POV – Give Our Bikini Bodies Five Worship Edges (1080 HD)

1080 HD We’re letting you out of chastity, loser, because we want five worship edges. Show us how great we look in our bikinis. We want you to lose your mind as we oil each other’s asses right in front of you. But remember, just edging! When we say, ‘hands off,’ we mean it. You can’t cum! You’re not going to like what happens, once you’re finished edging. But we’re going to do it anyway.
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Brat Princess 2: BP – Girls with Perfect Asses Extort Chastity Loser for all Hes Worth (All) (1080 HD)

Alexa has invited her chastity slave over. He has no idea what he’s in for. Alexa has lured him to the apartment with the promise that he will be let out of chastity. That’s not what she plans to do, though. Alexa’s sister Kayla is home, and she’s invited their friend Natalya over, too. The one thing the three women have in common is that they have perfect asses. Alexa knows that her chastity slave is most weak for beautiful asses. She plans, with the help of her sister and friend, to extort the loser for all he’s worth. Maybe the slave might be able to resist one perfect ass, but there’s no way he can refuse three!
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Mistress Kandy – Sweaty little slut flogged and ordered to eat ass

Mistress Kandy has her slave secured by the wrists to the ceiling. She tells you that her sissy has done a good job today, sucking cocks and making her a lot of money, she cleaned the house and licked her ass after a workout. “There is always room for improvement though” she adds as she slides the panties to the side to reveal the slaves already marked ass. She gives her slut some solid slaps with her hand across her ass and then explains that during this beating she wants the slave to focus on the need to show the most enthusiasm possible when sucking cock. The man should see that the slave is happy to be between his legs, sucking him deep and hungering for the taste of his hot cum.
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Cruelcity: Nicole Smothers Her Slave with Her Ass and Pussy!

Mistress Nicole’s slave groans beneath her as she sits directly on his face and smothers him with her warm crotch. He struggles to breathe, gasping for air as he inhales the fabric of her sheer red panties. She grabs his head and pushes it into her, cruelly suffocating him and loving every second of his misery. Only she decides when he gets to breathe, and this thought terrifies her slave since he knows she rarely shows any mercy. "Thank you, mistress!" he pants when she finally allows him a brief moment of air. She turns around and smothers him with her ass, continuing to control his breathing while he squirms on the floor under her. Nicole is clearly excited by his suffering as evidenced by her hard nipples that show through her black fishnet top. She loves tormenting this slave by smothering him with her ass and pussy!
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Thigh Highs and Ass Worship

It’s been a little while since you’ve knelt and paid homage to my ass, slave. I know the thought of pressing your lips to each cheek makes you hard already, but you’ll have to wait. I’m going to sloooowly tease you as you are made to jerk in ever increasing intensity. By the time I finally lift the edge of my skirt to expose my tiny g-string and thigh-high stockings, your balls will be ready to explode. But hold it, boy… hold it for a few minutes longer..
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Fartdom: Michele Marks 3

Description: Fart slaves are Michele Marks’ favorite! She really gets off on her guy licking up her farts. "Bite the bubble," she says while calling him a dirty fuck! This farting femdom has a fierce way about her, and her fart slaves must be proficient rimmers if they are going to stay in her favor!

Format: MP4
Duration: 4 Mi
Size: 161 Mb
Resolution: 1280×720

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Julie Simones – Big Ass in Latex POV

I know you want to worship My ass in these latex pants but first you need to shine them and I don’t mean with your tongue. I pour silicone lube all over My ass and rub it in. Then I tease you by lifting it up and down so you can imagine what it will be like when i’m sitting on your face. Now you know what heaven looks like…
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Brat Princess 2: Mariah – Danni has to Wear a Chastity (1080 HD)

1080 HD Mariah has agreed to be in a relationship with danni. But she is tired of him getting erections around her and jerking off. He can’t be trusted. Mariah knows that putting danni in a chastity device will solve the problem, but danni does not want to wear one. Mariah gets very mad. She yells at danni. Danni is scared to go into chastity because he doesn’t know when Mariah will let him out. Mariah threatens to walk out on danni. Danni begs Mariah not to leave him. A girl like her is totally out of his league and he knows he’ll never find another. Danni finally agrees to wear the chastity device. He puts it on, but this isn’t enough to make Mariah happy. She needs for danni to be naked now, too, so that she can see that he is harmless. Danni hands Mariah the key and takes off all his clothes. Now that danni’s in chastity, Mariah makes him kiss her butt while she goes over the rules. Mariah tells him the number of days he will be in chastity and the number of minutes he will be out. Mariah will not hesitate to add more days onto his time in chastity every time he makes her upset. And she wants a present. Danni agrees to buy Mariah a present because he doesn’t want to make her mad. Then, Mariah sends danni into her bedroom to pick up all her dirty panties from the floor. She’s going to need for him to wash them all by hand. Danni hurries off to do whatever Mariah asks of him. He’s really afraid of what she might do to him, now that she has the key to his chastity device.
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Brat Princess 2: Chloe and Natalya – Slave Gets out of Chastity for Monthly Edging (1080 HD)

1080 HD Chloe and Natalya let Natalya’s slave out of chastity for its monthly edging. The slave is just now learning that Natalya is mad at him. He was short on his tribute. Natalya confronts him, questioning him as to why he was short. The slave makes excuses, which don’t matter. Natalya moves her perfect ass closer to her pay-pig’s face. The stroking slave has to humble itself and kiss her ass. Chloe looks on and smiles as Natalya’s slave humiliates itself. The slave must follow Natalya’s edging instruction. He can do only what she says. Chloe and Natalya tease the slave. They do not let him cum. After he edges he goes right back into chastity. Natalya closes the lock and holds onto the key.
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Humiliation POV Miss Tiffany:I’m Warning You, You Do NOT Want To Watch This Ass Worship Video

Miss Tiffany

I’m going to warn you right now that you do not want to watch this ass worship video. I don’t think you get the severity of what these clips do to you. If you continue to watch, it’s not my fault what happens to you. You are going to become hopelessly addicted to my perfect ass. You will be completely obsessed with my ass. You’re going to need my ass. You’re going to become completely fucking hooked, do you understand? Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

My perfect ass has ruined so many fucking lives, it’s destroyed to many bank accounts and it’s about to ruin you. Look at it, it is absolutely perfect, isn’t it? You already can’t look away. I know you’re jerking it so fast right now. You love the rush it gives you. This is the ass of a Goddess and you will bow down and pray to it. Your addiction is just beginning. My ass will eventually destroy you, it’s only a matter of time now. There is no escape. You’ll be checking daily for new clips of my ass, you will be consumed with it. My ass will make you weaker and weaker the more you stare at it, the more you jerk to it.

It’s just so fucking perfect, isn’t it? You’re fucked now, my ass is your new addiction, I did warn you. It’s so easy to tease you. I’m getting deeper into that little brain of yours. Owning you with my ass, turning you into my addicted ass slave. You’re starting to feel the addiction set in. You can stop if you want, but I know you won’t, it’s too late. You can’t stop jerking off to it. Soon the need to pay it will become overwhelming. You’ll crave it. Needing to serve it, wanting to worship it. I warned you that you would become completely addicted. And look at you, eyes glued to the fucking screen, jerking it, so fucking helplessly addicted. You can’t stop. You don’t want to stop. You need it. You’ve been hyp n0 t!zed by my ass. I’m going to allow you to cum to my perfect ass, but only because I know it’s going to further your addiction.
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Humiliation POV Princess Kate: My Ass Is Your Biggest Weakness And Your Addiction

Princess Kate

I know you’re so addicted to my perfect ass, aren’t you? I want you to worship it. I want you to look at my body and know that you have to worship it. I’m going to turn you into my little ass addict and there’s nothing you can do about it. The more you stare at it and worship it, the more addicted you become. You’re getting so weak. I want you on your knees, waiting for me to turn around so you can worship my ass.

I want you to beg me to see my ass. I want you to tell me how badly you need it right now. I’ll bet I could get you to do anything, just for my ass, just for a glimpse of it. It’s so perfect, so mesmerizing. I know you want to kiss it, to touch it, to sniff it, you just want to be near it. My ass is your everything. You need it in your life.

You need to worship my sexy, round ass. You feel that need grow as your addiction grows. Worship my ass loser. Lose your mind jerking to my ass. All you deserve is my ass in your face, and you love that, you wouldn’t have it any other way. I know just how to move it to turn your mind to mush. My ass is your biggest weakness. You can’t say no to my ass, and why would you? You know you’re not worthy of a perfect ass like mine, so you know you must obey it. Even seeing my ass is way more than you deserve. So bow down to my ass, jerk to it, and thank me for allowing you the privilege of worshiping my ass loser.
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Brat Princess 2: Alexa Kayla and Natalya (POV) – This is what its Like to be Our Cow (1080 HD)

1080 HD Alexa, Kayla and Natalya have got you strapped down to their milking bench. They’ve got you pumped full of chemical substances to ensure you won’t lose that profitable erection. They are going to milk you for pre-cum all day. You will be edged for hours, but never allowed to cum. That’s because you are a cow. Cows are mined for valuable pre-cum, then left in a cage to rot. The beautiful teasers tease you with their three amazing asses. They want to keep you earning for them. You are allowed to stare at their perfect bodies. That’s because the more you look, the more aroused you become. The more aroused you are, the more pre-cum you produce. Good producers are the most useful to the teasers. You want to be useful, because if you aren’t, there is a punishment. Poor producers get an electric current sent straight through the testicles. This really hurts. The pain is a good motivation to keep the girls happy. You aren’t a person to them. When these beauties look at you, all they see is profit. You are now trapped, for the rest of your life, in the ultimate state of tease and denial.
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Bratty Foot Girls – ChiChi Medina – I’ll show my tits while I FACESIT you!

ChiChi Is sick and tired of her boob obsessed boyfriend pushing her to show her tits to him. He’s been going out to the strip clubs getting his fix there and coming home and demanding she goes against her comfort zone and get naked for him. She confronts him about it and decides to teach him a lesson. She cuffs his hands behind his back and forces him to lay on the Chaise and tells him she will finally get her tits out for him, however she starts sitting on his face at the same time so he can’t see them! She bounces and jiggles her perfect boobs and butt on him, as he muffles under her perfect booty. He so desperately wants to see his gf’s boobs but she won’t allow him the view as all he can see is right up her asshole. her cruel teasing drives him insane as she starts rubbing his cock with her feet to see if he’s getting hard. She sits full weight on his face not letting him breathe! When she is done she tells him she’s leaving him cuffed and going to apply for a job at the local strip club.

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Syren Productions : Slapped For Looking

I’m in a sadistic but somewhat playful mood today. I dare my sub not to look at my ass, as I bend over in front of him. I know he can’t help but look at my gorgeous ass, framed so perfectly in my double fishnet pantyhose. But there is a price to pay, and today I decide that price is a good round of face slapping. I love slapping a slave’s face as I look into his eyes. I slap his face hard with both hands, back and forth. His face turning a dark shade of red pleases me. I give him some nice views of my ass in between slaps, just to keep him motivated. He takes his slapping so well, that I reward him with a few kisses on my ass at the end.
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Divine Goddess Jessica: Dumb Little Ass Slave

Once your eyes fall on my ass your brain turns to mush. My little pink thong, my tiny skirt and tan skin, they all accentuate my round ass so well. Jerk your little dick for my ass because you’ll never, ever be able to touch it.
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Brat Princess 2: Alexa – Slaves Brain Turned to Mush in VR by Sexy Asses Multi Ruin (1080 HD)

1080 HD Alexa is back in another epic Edging Salon clip! This slave has been dropped off at the Edging Salon for a mind erasing session. He’s already very stupid, but his Princess wants him dumber. Hot girls know, our asses make boys dumb. So, Alexa uses images of sexy asses to get this slave stupider. The stupider the slave, the more room there is in its brain for the stuff we want to put in.

This clip contains a picture in picture that features segments from “Ass Addict Meditation and Rinse.” The full picture in picture is also available separately in an at home jerker format. The picture in picture shows what the slave in The Edging Salon is seeing while in virtual reality. The picture in picture is mostly POV images of sexy oiled up asses in thongs and bikinis. It also includes ass worship segments. The sound is mixed. It includes the meditative music that help relax the slave for its ruining, along with sounds from the PIP and handjob.

The slave is edged, then forced and ruined 3 times!

When he’s sufficiently stupider and totally drained of cum, Alexa gets him back into his little chastity.

This is a video you really can’t miss! (16:00 long)
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Brat Princess 2: Sophie – Kiss My Ass (1080 HD)

1080 HD: A previously unreleased Sophie clip! It is a beautiful summer day and Princess Sophie wears a bikini outside on the deck. While she makes phone calls, she has her slave kneel and kiss her ass. The slave needs to cover her entire ass with kisses. Sophie ignores the slave for the most part. First, she calls one of her girlfriends. They make girl talk for a few minutes before Sophie calls her mom. Sophie talks to her mom while the slave continues to kiss her ass. They make plans for a family event while the slave covers Sophie’s ass with kisses.
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Brat Princess 2: Alexa – Kiss My Ass and Dont you Dare Touch your Dick (1080 HD) (NEW)

1080 HD A visiting slave has been kept in chastity for two weeks. That’s not long enough to suit Princess Alexa. While visiting, he’s going to stay in chastity for her an additional month. The slave makes a bit of a fuss because he’s used to a Mistress who is a little more lax in enforcing chastity. Alexa does not care. Slaves visiting her house need to follow her rules. She tells the slave that he can kiss her ass. Kissing Alexa’s ass of course makes things worse for the undisciplined chastity slave. She who holds the key makes the rules. And Alexa holds the key, therefore it is she who makes the rules. Alexa puts the key in plain sight, so that the slave has to look at the key that controls his cock while he continues to kiss her perfect ass. Alexa taunts the slave that she now holds his key. The slave did not give her permission to hold his key. He is property of an out of town Mistress and his key was given to Alexa without his prior knowledge or consent. Alexa decides to let the slave out of chastity for a tiny little bit, but under one condition. He is not allowed to touch himself. He will have to look at his erection and know that there is nothing he can do about it, because with or without chastity, he is not in control of his cock. He is not allowed to touch his cock without a woman’s permission. Alexa gives him permission to touch his cock, but not stroke. Alexa lets the slave edge itself, but only with her specific directions. This is not about him enjoying himself. This is about him understanding that Princess Alexa now controls his cock!
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TheRealQueendom: Finished With The Furniture Slave HD

This is the same clip so if you have purchased it on her store already don’t buy it again here… unless you really want to 🙂 ****

“So I have some bad news for you,” Mistress Kawaii say, taking a seat on her furniture slave’s face. “I’m kind of getting sick of having you around.” She’s decided to give her furniture slave one last, intense ass smothering before shrinking him down to use in a new way! The only question now is what to do with the slave once he’s shrunk? “Something that would be more fun for me and worse for you!” The slave tries to beg for mercy, to stay her full size furniture slave, but its no use. Mistress Kawaii quickly shoves her ass back down on the slave’s face to stop him from speaking. No amount of begging will change her mind, this slave will be shrunk and swallowed up. She pulls her tight leggings down and buries the slave’s face between her soft, luscious ass cheeks while she decides his fate. Would she rather put the tiny slave in her mouth and swallow him alive or stuff his tiny body between her cheeks and let her ass swallow him up? “Maybe you secretly want to be eaten by my big, beautiful, juicy ass,” she laughs as she turns around for forward facesitting. Mistress Kawaii’s strong thighs hold the slave’s head in place while her big butt absorbs his face. She contemplates what his life would be like if she ate him, being alive in her digestive tract as she slowly turns him into waste. However Kawaii decides to swallow the tiny slave, his shrunken journey will end in her amazing ass! “Are you ready? Are you on board?” She asks while sitting on the slave’s face. She smiles, deciding the slave’s muffled, desperate cries are really just excitement about being shrunk. With a snap of her finger light fills the room as the slave becomes tiny…

Part 2 coming this weekend!
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Humiliation POV Goddess Sahrye: Beg Me To Smother You With My Big, Juicy Ass

Goddess Sahrye

You should feel very special today loser. Today is going to be the best day of your whole pathetic life. It’s something that will always stay with you. It’s what you’ll jerk off to, it will get you off at the mere thought of it. I’m not really sure why I’m allowing you such a luxury. Maybe it’s just to remind you of how perfect I am, to remind you why you adore me, why you worship me.

Isn’t my ass just fabulous? Isn’t it the fattest, nicest ass you’ve ever seen? Oh I know how much you worship it. And today is your lucky day as you sit there and watch as I shine up my big juicy ass for you. You love my big ass in your face, don’t you loser? I know you wish you could kiss it. You wish you could squeeze it, don’t you? But no, you’re not that lucky. Just watch as I oil up every inch of my big, juicy booty. You’re so close you could almost taste it. I’m going to put my ass right in your face and spread it nice and wide for you. Isn’t that just amazing?

I’ll bet you’d just love it if I used your face as my seat. Yes, I’d love to sit on your face and forget that you’re human and need to breathe as my ass smothers you completely. You couldn’t get away. Your nose would be tucked in my sweet little asshole. But I don’t want you to pass out yet, you’re too much fun to play with. You love having your face up so close and personal.

I’d love to watch you struggle as you tried to get away. But we’d both know you were faking, we both know you’re exactly where you want to be. I wanna hear you beg, beg me to bring my ass closer. Tell me how much you need it, how much you want it in your face, how much you don’t need to breathe, how much breathing with my ass in front of you is not necessary. You need to give up every clean breath for the honor of breathing in my ass.

Beg me again to sit on your face. I love to see you beg. It makes me hot inside. Beg you little slut, beg for my big, juicy ass on your face because you know this may be the only opportunity you’ll ever get. The closest you’ll ever be to my ass and pussy is providing my fat ass with a seat. Your face is my throne to do with as I please. Maybe I’ll just sit until you pass out. That’s it, keep fighting, it turns me on when you fight. Take a nice deep breath, your last breath, lol.
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Miss Noel Knight: Too Much Ass To Handle

Keywords: Face Sitting, Ass Worship, Breath Play, Bondage, BDSM, Female Domination, Femdom, CFNM, Double Domme, Ass Fetish, Tease and Denial

Domina Alexandra Snow and I have our slave restrained and hooded for our amusement. It’s his lucky day! We’ve decided that we’re going to use him as our personal seat cushion. He will receive the great honor of having our beautiful, divine asses on his unworthy face. We take turns seating our plump bottoms on top of him, taking away his very breath. We laugh as he gasps for air in between our cheeks. He bucks and struggles in his bonds like a wild . Apparently, this little bitch doesn’t understand that furniture doesn’t move. I decide to punish him by pinning him down with my full weight down onto his face and staying there until he loses consciousness from lack of oxygen. I guess out perfect asses were just too much for this slave to handle…
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