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Whisper Thorn starring in video ‘Busted Up Bitch’ of ‘BrutalMaster’ studio

Whisper Thorn craves degradation, humiliation, and pain. She is meat that needs to suffer.You can tell by her already bruised udders. This was all after eveyone took turns using her as a urinal earlier in the day. She actually travels with her own "Mens Room" necklace.

But this is different. This is about torturing a bitch in a completely different way, in which she is made to ride a simbian and just as she is about to orgasm, pain, agony is used to bust that orgasm.

In the end you have a puddle of a bitch who doesn’t know which way is up.

Whisper Thorn is one Busted Up Bitch

Format: MP4
Duration: 19 Min
Size: 1444 Mb
Resolution: 1920×1080

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