Wet Panty Spanking Humiliation for Casey Calvert

Wet Panty Spanking Humiliation for Casey Calvert – Soaking and Ripped Panties

“Can I go potty please pleading in discomfort over his knee. Bad girls get their bottoms spanked, you may go when we are finished! She would do anything to get out of her punishment, suffering under the barrage of swats on the seat of her cotton panties. Scolding as he holds her firmly across his knee, her ripe cheeks are flushed red as she whimpers. Threatening to bare her bottom if she doesn’t submit for his discipline, she groans as the swats continue to fall. Rubbing her sore bottom, spanking her most sensitive areas until she finally loses control. A dark stain appears between her legs, soaking her panties and dripping onto his jeans as she wets herself. Demanding that she hold it, he knew she would lose control and be humiliated, a perfect excuse for more unrelenting punishment. Scolding her as he rips her panties off roughly, tearing the soaked cotton fabric. His big hands blister her bared wet bottom as she whimpers in pain and humiliation.

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