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The Queendom – You’re the Munchie!

Rooms, walls, doors fly past you as you swing along in a huge hand wrapped all around your tiny body. When the scene finally settles down, you find yourself at the end of a massive mattress, along which reclines the magnificent body of Goddess Holly. She barely gives you a second look as she takes up a video game controller. “It’s already time for 4:20,” she coolly informs you. “I figured I would vape a little, play some video games, wait for the munchies to kick in.” She grins at you, reclining by her lovely bare feet. “That’s where you come in, yeah. You’re gonna be my munchie! It’s perfect: tinies are my favorite snack. How’s that sound?” Whatever you think of this arrangement doesn’t matter, because this is exactly how it’s going to go down. What can you do about it? When the giantess decides to peel off her socks, you think maybe you can make a break for it. Quicker than you can react, however, she simply turns one slender ankle and plants her bare sole upon your entire body! “That’ll hold you nice and still. You can’t go anywhere. Gotcha!” She grins at you, as you peek up at her between her toes! With that done, Holly can tend to the important stuff: she takes a couple long pulls off her vape and blows the clouds of vapor in your face, then sets up her game and starts playing. You are clearly the last thing on her mind, pinned down beneath her foot, as she vapes and gets lost in her game. It amuses her to take a long, deep breath, then puff the vapors all around you until you and her toes are lost in the fog. After a few rounds of this, Holly raises an eyebrow at you. “I’m feeling it. You’re feeling it, right?” she purrs, contemplating you. “I don’t think you’re gonna go anywhere, so I’m gonna have you sit with me while I play some games.” Her huge foot slides off your body and she scoops you up in one hand. But just as soon as se plants you by her hip, she comments, “We’ll just wait for the munchies to kick in.” She smirks at you: “What sucks for you about this is you’re gonna get the munchies too. And there are no munchies for munchies!” She laughs at your fate, your helplessness. “You’re the munchie! Get it?” She’s so far gone, you figure this is a good time to take off, but she reads your mind and plucks you up effortlessly. “You’re not going anywhere. I’ll let you just come hang out right on my belly,” she says, “where you’re gonna be soon.” And as much as she likes her game, she keeps glancing at you until she picks you up and hoists your measly little body over her gaping jaws! Her full lips part, revealing glistening rows of sharp teeth and an undulating tongue that reaches out for you! Her munchies have kicked in! Her tongue flows into her mouth and then around you, back and forth, her throat begins to flex, and in you go! In the chamber of her mouth your ears fill with the wet sucking and clicking of swishing you around, right up until she simply swallows you whole! Down you go, sliding down her throat and resting in her belly, unable to move until she gets up to take care of her cottonmouth.
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