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The Party, by Sub Lynn

After the party, “Damn it!” thought Lynn – what the hell was I thinking? Here I am, she thought, in the middle of the stinking woods, in thigh high boots and a spandex mini dress. These definitely are not hiking clothes, she thought. Candice is going to get a lecture from me as soon as I find her, Lynn thought. Here it was – midnight, Saturday, just back from a killer concert – the best group in the 80’s (Motley Crue Rules!) and Candice wants to hit some stupid party in the woods. Lynn glanced around the crowd, over the bonfire and over to the keg sitting in the back of someone’s pickup. No sign of her. Damn that girl! Lynn flung her waist length blonde hair back over her shoulder, and gave a frustrated sigh. here she was – looking hot as hell in her sexiest clothes and Candice wants to go drinking in the mud. She continued to stalk around the bonfire, catching the admiring glances from a few men, and boys her age. She knew most of them were just out of high school, like her. none old enough to drink, but all old enough to get into trouble.

Well, if I cant have Tommy Lee , maybe one of these boys will do for the night, thought Lynn. Smiling at one particularly cute guy, she thrust out her ample breasts, encased in the tight spandex dress that barely concealed anything, and gave him “the ok”. But, out of no where he suddenly had a girl clinging to his arm, and glaring at Lynn. Humph! He wasn’t that cute anyway, she decided. Crap this is the final straw, Lynn decided. Here she was tipsy, sexy, and lonely but no one cute was biting. Fine, thought Lynn, I am just going back to the car and sleep it off. Candace can find me when she is done. And with that thought Lynn stomped off into the woods.

Now where the hell am I? she thought. She was sure she had gone the right direction, but now the sounds of the party were faint, the glow from the fire barely there, and still no cars. but the rocking beat to her favorite song, ‘She got the looks that kill ‘ rode through the night. Letting her mind wander she thought about he concert, and ummmm… that Tommy lee.

Lynn began to run her hands up over her breasts, pinching her nipples and thinking of the killer beat and his sexy face. swaying side to side, slightly drunken, she pinched harder, and slid her left hand up her thigh a bit – closer and closer to her shaved little slit.

“All right there – hand behind your head young lady” Blind in a flash of light, Lynn froze like a dear in the head lights. All she could see was a shape of a man and – oh god! dont let it be the cops! “On your knees miss”, he said. Groaning, Lynn dropped to her knees, in the soft mud and leaves next to an old log. “Hands behind your back miss.” Lynn complied, and felt the first flash of fear. No one was around. – she didn’t see any lights or cop cars. But by then it was too late. The cuffs were on herand suddenly a hand was over her mouth “and keep quiet slut or I will have to gag you too.”

Terror raced through her heart. She could feel her face flushing and she rolled her eyes wildly – trying to see who was talking. But he kept the flashlight shining directly in her eyes. He could see her terror – but she could see nothing. What a beauty she was. Here, in the woods and all for his pleasure. All night they had watched her prance around in her thigh high boots and her short short skirt, those fine breasts bouncing around in avid proof the whore hadn’t worn a bra. She had acted so cool, tostuck up to notice him or his friends and he was going to make her pay for that. He and all his friends were going to teach her a lesson in humility

“Hey Jim,” he called, “come here with that rope.” In the light of the flashlight, he held up a knife blade… long and sharp. “You are such a whore. We saw you out here, fingering your little box. You were looking for a fuck weren’t you? Touching yourself and hoping for a big strong man to fuck you? Well here we are. No more fingering that little fuck hole on your own – we will fill it full of cum for you.”

Shocked – she shook her head no – but she remembered touching herself and how wet she had been … and suddenly with shame she realized her nipples were hard again.

Quickly, there was a flash and a knife snaked out close to her – slitting her dress from cleavage to navel. As it fell away – she heard a gasp – and took morbid pride in the fact that it was over her body. She was lean and tight, swimmers always were. She had full large breasts, and her hard nipples were tiny and poked straight out – testament to her growing arousal and fear. But when the dress dropped away from her body, leaving her only in her boots, they saw that she was wearing no panties and was shaven clean and smooth. Her bare wet baby lips glistened in the light – and her clit poked out and throbbed in fear and arousal.

“Well, lookie here Sam,” said one voice. “she is all ready and waiting for us.”

“No” she gasped still trying to hang on to her dignity “please dont” but it was too much. They striped the dress from her, and tore a piece for a gag. Now there would be no speaking for her at all.

Jim came up with the rope as requested, and they took off her handcuffs. Then the one who must be Sam spoke. “Stand up slut so we can see you.” The knife flashed again in the light. Swallowing around the fabric of the gag, she did as she was told. Into the light stepped a man about 6ft tall. He was muscular, and had a hard tight face. Handsome, blue eyes stared at her. He grabbed her by her long hair and yanked her upright onto her toes…. and slapped her breasts hard. Smack smack smack. Groaning in terror, each smack drove her further into her mind… this cant be happening…. but as the strikes continued to fall she felt her nipples harden to painful intensity, and to her shame, felt rivers of wetness run down her thigh. Oh god! could she really be liking this?

He looped the rope around her wrists and drug her over to the log she had kneeled next to before. Kicking her feet apart, he forced her down on her knees and bent her over the log – tying her hands on the opposite side and leaving her to hang free from the waist in front – breasts swinging. Her fine ass was pushed up and out over the log, and her ripe sex was clearly exposed between her severely
parted legs.

Sam called – “Ok boys lets teach her a lesson.” Without another sound, Lynn was surrounded. She counted at least 8 feet, and felt hands suddenly begin to explore her. Fingers forced her ass cheeks apart and she felt other hands groping her lips and clit A hot tongue slid over her pussy, lapping up her hot juices. Groaning over the heightened arousal, she trust her wetness back on his face. Fingers slid into her slit and – her own humiliating wetness helping – someone shoved a finger, then two into her aching hole. Against her will she began to moan..

The feet in front of her moved, and suddenly two hands were on her breasts – pulling roughly and pinching at her nipples. Each breast would be pulled and twisted, and then slapped, random tortures that kept her mind whirling and her desire rising. She lt herself begin to wiggle against the hands in her pussy aching for a more firm approach. “You fucking whore – you like this dont you?” said a voice. Swish – slap! Lynn felt heat race across her ass. Swish – slap! It felt just as if someone was laying tripes of fire across her ass. They must be switching me, she thought.

Over and over the fingers invaded, flicking and twisting on her clit and in her wet sopping hole, wile hands tortured her breasts and that stripe of fire laid itself across her back… on and on the haze became to much. Lynn began to moan and twist – aching for something… bucking her hips in time to the blows. “Hey – she likes it – fucking slut. She is loving this” she felt her head lifted by her hair – “do you slut? like this?” with tears in her eyes – Lynn nodded her head yes… pleading with her eand body for more..

She felt the gag removed from her mouth, and a large cock placed against her lips. “suck it slut and we might let you cum” said a voice. Slipping her mouth around the huge cockhead, she felt the stripes of fire begging again, and it fell into a rhythm she sucked and licked and gagged and sucked some more. The cock tasted so good. The heat of their fingers on her body felt so nice… she began to buck her hips in earnest – hoping someone would get the hint and – YES! she felt a huge cock slam into her sopping pussy. Crying in relief and agony, she sucked and sucked and felt the cock in her mouth explode… “yes suck me you whore. suck my huge cock you little cunt.” Oohhhhh! – he exploded in her mouth and she swallowed all of it, feeling her body shudder and ache for more as the cock in her pussy pounded her faster and faster.

Just as the cock in her pussy began to explode a new cock was thrust in her mouth.. Lynn ached for release – for one of them to just touch her little clit – to send her over. It was driving her crazy….. oh god now what? she felt them fingering her again as the limp cock was removed, then she felt something cold slide in her pussy – it couldn’t be the flashlight? It was. Huge and cold it pounded her and she fucked back depraved and reduced to a fuck animal – the guys cheering her on and egging her on “fuck it slut. Fuck that cold metal” – but just as she got close they pulled it out…

Oh god! agony! The frustration and tears poured out of her eyes and she groaned loudly over the cock in her throat.. “dumb whore wants to cum I think” – she heard. Nodding her head as best she could – begging and aching for someone to fuck her to release

Then she felt it – fingers in her tight little ass. That couldn’t be – they didn’t want that… but they did. “Beg for it slut. Beg us to fuck your ass and we will let you cum.” In agony and defeat, she did as she was ordered. Lynn took her mouth off of the cock in front of her and pleaded, “oh please Sirs someone fuck my ass. I am a whore for you to use any way you want. Fuck me in my ass and make me cum for you.”

Laughter surrounded her….. and then she felt it.. the thrust deep into her bowels. AGGGHHHH! That hurt so much … but then someone was whipping her again, the stripes of fire warming her in time to his thrusts, someone else’s cock was in her mouth …a fourth hand had reached under her to shove as many fingers in her pussy as could fit.. Fucked, sucking, and thourghaly ass whipped, Lynn began to cum, screaming deep into her throat she bucked back onto the huge cock impaling her ass and rode the fingers in her hard, her cum squirting out of her aching pussy to soak the ground below. As she shuddered to stillness, she heard faintly the sounds of the party in the distance. … and wondered if her captors would let her cum again before daylight.

Shuddering deep within, Lynn considered how lucky she was. how could those men have guessed her deepest needs? With a sigh – she felt a new cock replace the old one in her ass, and a new fresh cock placed in her mouth….. she smiled inwardly. They will never know how much I needed this… she thought as a new wave of pleasure washed through her. Sucking hard on her captors cock, she hoped deep inside that this party never ended.


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