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The English Mansion Mistress Sidonia: Bound Dollification (Part 3 of 4)

Mistress Sidonia is transforming her new male slave into a beautiful bimbo dolly for her to play with. She locks his cock up in tight, permanent chastity and wraps the body in skin coloured, tight bondage wrap, double hooding with a sendep rubber mask and then a thick, high quality female mask. Mistress is pleased with this first stage, the bimbo is coming to life, so she dresses her in a slutty latex dress and stockings, completing the stunning transformation. She then focuses on reassigning the doll’s erogenous zone from her locked up cock to her new special pussy, which Mistress opens up with her fingering, until dolly is moaning in pleasure and ready to be entered with a big strapon dick, which is soon being pounding hard into her tight hole. Finally, Mistress dresses her doll in a tight latex hobble dress, finished with bondage straps, where she is left until she is needed for playtime again.

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