Strict Restraint – High Tension – Tristyn Kennedy

In the dark, dank Dungeon, Tristyn is hooded and caged, cloaked in darkness. She nervously comes to attention as she first senses light, then as someone approaches. She’s then moved to the floor and a heavy wrapping ensues, followed by a duct taping of her arms and legs. These binds are tight and she struggles mightily in them…She’s ripe for picking now and her body is rudely groped…Senses overwhelmed and energy sapped, Tristyn is then strapped and riveted to the wall. Her heavy tits are caned, she screams out only to be blindfolded adding to the tension. The machine between her legs provides some comfort as it slowly churns in and out of her pussy. Caught in limbo as the caning continues she grinds hard and has a massive orgasm.

Download file – 295.9 MB

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